D&D ~DDC "Prelude to Rogull - DVD Commemorative Art"

Hi! In order to commemorate the stellar DVD issue of the Classic Dungeons & Dragons cartoon, released today by the fine people at BCI, I did this DDC artwork, showcasing the 6 kids, on a rescue mission to find Uni, who has been kidnapped by the Red Dragon Rogull!!!
Featuring Hank, Presto, Shiela, Bobby, Diana, & Eric, in one of their many battles in the realm, this one is dedicated to all the Dungeons & Dragons Animated Series fans out there, as well as BCI for releasing one of the best series of the 80's on DVD and going above & beyond to make it the best DVD release of the year! And of course to my Family & Friends who will be running out to buy the DVD set with me today as well as my online gang at Helix Town Square, all of you are the best DDC fandom out there!

"...Where are we?"

..."There is NO escape from the Realm of Dungeons & Dragons..."

***Check out my good friend Sealgirl's fantastic page dedicated to the Animated Realm of Dungeons & Dragons! Tons of stuff for DDC fans to have fun for HOURS!!!***



To help celebrate a year of fanart at He-Man.Org, I wanted to thank my viewers by showing them a SNEAK PREVIEW of one of my future illustrated stories for 2007!

Here is some of the ROUGH character designs for MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE RENEGADE STORIES: BERSERK!

Enjoy the preview for this ALL-OUT JUNGLE ROMP & tell me what you think!

Set shortly after Hordak's reign on Eternia, a defeat delivered by none other than his former apprentice Skeletor, the Evil Warriors are at it again, and a battle in the sky leads the Masters chasing Skeletor & his minions to the Berserker Islands where are story begins to unfold...

Bear in mind that these are rough preview character designs based on the action figures and creative license & are subject to some changes before the illustrated story is released. Thanks!



While working on an avatar of Sheila from the Classic Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon, I started undertaking a MUCH larger image for the background, which in turn led to this more modern type of imagery of the classic theme to the show...the kids finding a way home. For oldskool fans of one of the most incredible cartoons of the 80's, in almost every episode our young heroes are faced with the option of sacrafice, to help themselves or another, and the option they usually have to sacrafice is the portal leading home... to Earth... away from the D&D Realm...
This image I created shows one of my faveorite character's, Sheila, facing that sacrafice and hesitating before stepping into the portal that leads to the Carnival that the children entered the realm from.

Check out the DDC on DVD coming December 5th 2006 in the USA from BCI (the company that released the award-winning He-Man, She-Ra, Prince Valiant, Flash Gordon, etc.) it promises to be one of the best DVD animation releases EVER with TONS of amazing extras including a hardcoverd book by WOTC making all of the DDC characters playable in the actual D&D game as well as a radio-style drama of the final unmade episode "Requiem!"
BCI Master of DVD Documentaries Andy Mangles:

Filmation style TEELA for JUKKA

On Oct. 25th, a dear online friend of mine from Finland, Jukka, celebrated his birthday. It is a long standing tradition that Jukka has recieved art from He-Man.Org on his special day orchestrated by his friend Mikko. This past September, Mikko asked specifically of me to draw a Filmation (classic) Style Teela, seeing that she's possibly Jukka's all-time faveorite and knowing that both he & I are such big fans, he though this would be perfect. Developing a great friendship with Jukka over the past year, I was happy to contribute! What was AMAZING was so did a very large handful of the talented artists at He-Man.Org, ALL drawing Filmation/Classic Teela, showing one of the best support projects I have ever seen for any member ever (all unknown that the others were doing this) and definately the most art I have ever seen made for any specific individual! AWESOME!
I'm sure Jukka now knows how valued he is by his friends in the community!
Jukka was also nice enough to create a picture of Teela for me on my birthday making it an extra special event...he knows what this boy likes to see and I loved the picture he did for me.
I decided to do a Filmation Teela that still expressed her trademark look, but with a bit of my own personal style. I also decided that I wanted the pic to compliment both the artwork of Teela that Jukka created for me, as well as the one I did for myself on my birthday, thus a back-view of our fave MOTU girl, in Filmation colors, facing the opposite direction of my b-day piece, with a classic Filmation-style colored sky...

to check out the birthday thread & some of the other amazing art for Jukka at He-Man.Org copy & paste...
To see Jukka's art for my birthday, view his wonderful Teela by copying & pasteing all of the following as one!



Today's my BIRTHDAY!!! YAY!!!
I thought I would help celebrate with the .Org community by creating some new art for today & making this Art Blog PUBLIC!

WELCOME!!! ^_^

A little known fact is it's not only my birthday but also HE-MAN'S birthday! The Filmation animated show started on Sept. 5th and it is this airdate that is now credited with He-Man's birthday!

And speaking of birthday's this image of classic TEELA started off in her birthday-suit! I drew it earlier this year but never put her leotard on, so she just stayed naked untill today!! I decided to finally finish this image the way I intended... with her atop Castle Grayskull's tower at sunset looking back at us the viewer for a private moment...
This also celebrated my 500th POST at He-Man.org!


new updated sky 9.21.06



The SD MOTU thread proved to be very popular with the fans! Popular enough for me to continue on with doing more than the original 20 I started with.
I promised the fan-base that I would work on more SD characters inbetween my other projects & that's what I intend on doing!

What was funny is I could tell fans were getting anxious after a couple month delay, anxious enough that my friend "Thatman" started a thread asking when there would be MORE!!! LOL!

SO...Here's the 3 LASTEST characters!
SERIES 2 MOTU: batch 1
BUZZ-OFF! SY-KLONE! & MOSS-MAN (Mattel Flocked version)!!!

KING OF CASTLE GRAYSKULL (~mini-comic tribute~)

On 7.01.06 I decided to tribute one of the amazing covers from the classic MOTU mini-comics in the updated 200X style.
The classic mini-comics helped to define MOTU, and I thought it would be a nice way to pay homage to the MOTU artists I grew up on!
I did a 200X version of one of my faveorite covers "King Of Castle Grayskull" by the talented Alfredo P. Alcala!
I set this up as an art challenge for other MOTU artists to try their hand at a cover tribute... and we ended up with some AMAZING WORK!!! Everyone who participated gave it 100% and I was so happy with the results in the end...maybe I'll do it again someday! ^_- There's a lot of great covers still waiting to be reinvisioned!
Here's KING OF CASTLE GRAYSKULL (one of the original 4 comic covers)!!!

And I did a "CLASSIC Colored Version" for "Grayskull Chronicles!"

Here's a close-up of TEELA from this piece...

And a close-up in "Classic Colors"...


SD: MOTU ~Super-Deformed Masters Of The Universe~

By far my most popular Masters project to date has been my anime style "Super-Deformed Masters Of The Universe!!!" The idea was one I had early on in my Masters art mythology and I started working on them in batches of 4, 3, or 2 whenever I had a free drawing moment.
The project was to continue untill I had 10 Heroic & 10 Evil characters represented in the SD Universe. Although ideas for this type of represntation of Masters had been done in the past, I think the key to the success here was the fact that I had done SO MANY characters at once, rather than just 1 or 2. This way a lot of favorites could be represented. I took great care in studying how SD was done using everything from classic to modern anime, and even DS game design work to make sure these guys & girls all were crafted with an authentic SD look. I also made sure to do fan-faveorites as well as more obscure characters to keep it interesting. The 1st idea was to have them all lined up in a good vs evil mode, but that proved to be WAY to long a piece for display, so I piled them up more like a "Pocket Fighter" cover and the 1st final image was displayed on May 2nd 2006!

As positive feedback grew I decided to disassemble my work so everyone could see their faveorites individually as I drew them originally!
He-Man, Man-At-Arms, Teela, Stratos, Man-E-Faces:
Tri-Klops, Mer-Man, Evil-Lyn, Beast-Man, Skeletor:
Ram-Man, Mekaneck, Roboto, Snout Spout, Orko:
Stinkor, Clawful, Whiplash, Faker, Trap-Jaw:
Just for fun, I thought I would repaint these SD MOTU characters into some of the other colors MOTU History has given us for them... People seemed to like them, so I kept going!

Classic Colors He-Man, Serpent Claw Man-At-Arms, Snake Teela, Sky Strike Stratos, & Repaint Man-E-Faces:
Repaint Tri-Klops, Repaint Mer-Man, Classic Colors Evil-Lyn, Repaint Beast-Man, & Repaint (1) Skeletor:
A lot of fans asked when I was making their "faveorite" Master, and since this project was so well recieved, I replied that this was an "ongoing project" for me and I would eventually get to SDing all of the exisiting figures, stactions, & whatever future stactions the 4H can give us! And I plan on KEEPING that promise...
After these initial batches I did 3 more repaint schemes to advertise the upincoming SERIES 2 to give the fans a bit more varients before all "new" SD characters appeared, a fun promotional idea!
SERIES 1.5 continued

Spin-Blade Skeletor, Smash-Blade He-Man:
Faker (Anti-He-Man colors), Repaint Trap-Jaw:
Repaint Ram-Man, Repaint Mekaneck:
Series 2 will be coming up...stay tooned....

CATRA concept

In January 2006, one of the most participated art contests of all time at He-man.Org was the CATRA (from POP) redesign thread. The goal was to update CATRA for the 200X line and see who had the best design which was voted on by fans/forum members. Seeing the calibur of artists that entered this contest, even being a newbie at the time, I could not resist! Redesigning the top SHE-RA villian was a great challenge! The end result was 20 amazing artist entries!!! I enetred the challenge on January 17th & placed in the top 5 with a 3 part voting system on this entry which is highly based on the classic 80's toy (rather than the cartoon) with my own personal touch.

The image proved more popular than I thought!!! I had recieved a request from expert fan-customizer "Hordaks Henchman" to create a figure based on my design! In order give a fellow artist a hand, I designed a "Character design sheet" for Catra featuring her front & back designs & help feature my "true vision" of the character... I made some minor tweeks here & there, and came up with this character sheet featured here:

The final toy has been customized by Hordak's Henchmen, here's a picture!!

The design has been commented on positively many times by fans and will even be featured in the current 2006 remake comic of "Secret Of The Sword!!!"


EVIL-LYN shhhhh...

After drawing a concept head sketch of Evil-Lyn helmetless, and likeing the results of her J-Rock-esque haircut, I decided to go with a fully rendered piece! This artwork went through a lot of sizing and background rendering, all in all I think it turned out pretty hot with a "Dark Hemisphere" beach-like scene. I was complimented on both Lyn & her magic bursting from the ground, and that was great after all the work I put into it. My 2nd 2006 piece (after "New Legacy"dropped) posted on Feb. 13th.

200X EVIL-LYN coming in for the final blow, helmetless & featuring her dagger (never seen in animation but created for the 200X figure.)



In December of 2005, much to my surprise, I was asked to work on the illustrated fanfic that was currently running called MOTU: NEW LEGACY. What was surprising about this was at the time I only had 1 MOTU art posts at the time (Teela +Battlecat)!!! Impressed with this image the w40 asked me to do 3 images. The characters and basic scene where set for me, and then I ran with the art!
The art was placed in the chapter: New Legacy 1.5 - "The Horde: Part Two"...
The "New Legacy" series has finished now & is probably one of the best fan made story continuums to date. A lot of wonderful artists & writers worked on it, and I think it gave me a lot of early recognition on the boards right from the start! I thank the w40 for the opportunity!

This 1st image (in presntation only-order of creation is reversed) is by far the most popular and the original art, & has been requested for sale. One of my most USA comic inspired & heaviest inked pieces, GRIZZLOR vs. BUZZ-OFF remians a fan-faveorite today. The gigantic HORDE Huntsman GRIZZLOR leads a HORDE army to the hive of Andreenos and and wrecks the place! BUZZ-OFF one of the Heroic Masters & 2nd only to the the Andreenos Queen fends for his life as GRIZZLOR snatches his mighty axe (for his weapons collection) and prepares to push him through one of the connecting hyve's formations! This piece was worked on before the GRIZZLOR staction was released, but COLORED when I recieved the staction for X-mas! BUZZ-OFF is worked on directly from the figure and features his helmet that was never shown in the animated series. Thanks to my brother "Stonedar/Brian" for all his advice with these pieces, especially #2 & #3!

The next piece features Battle Sound (silver) HE-MAN locked up in the HORDE prisons by his twin sister ADORA when she was force captain of the HORDE. Battle Sound (silver) HE-MAN is taken from the toy, & ADORA is a updated design by "Sha" in my own personal style. I wanted the chains appear strong enough to hold He-Man and the walls to appear "alive" like he was locked in the belly of a monster! Adora has been complimented on being beautiful by fans...

The final piece is a battle between TEELA & MANTENNA, FISTO & LEECH. Fighting in Sub-ternia, TEELA & FISTO'S deigns are from the 200X figures, MANTEENA from promo pics of the Staction, and LEECH was done from the 200X animated series images only! The piece was to invoke desperation between the Masters versus the new villians and has a underlying feature of father & daughter (unknown to the Masters themselves) battleing alongside each other!...



Brief History: Those of you who know me well are familiar with what a HUGE Devilman fan I am. In my opinion, Devilman is one of the BEST series ever in Japan and manga-ka Go Nagai's finest work. Although early Devilman TV (1972) strayed from the original manga, the OVA's of the late 80's and the OVA AMON (2000) where much more faithful to the original, it is upon reading the complex of the manga & newer anime features of tales of the demons from prehistoric times being frozen and dorment until Satan unleashed them in the present and only a person of a true heart combined with a demon could stop them, as well as new quality figures being produced... did my interest 1st grow. But in actuality it is more than just a story of the apocolypse of earth happening with a demon war, but also a tale of friendship, betrayal, & love. Those closest to me know that I have a VAST collection of Devilman manga, figures, & collectibles, everything from gashapon to bottlecaps to chess pieces, but one of my faveorites amongst these is the GIANT line made by FEWTURE toys at the turn of the century designed by Yasushi Nirasawa & sculpted by Toshimitsu Usui. An incredible line rich in detail of all variable colors, shapes, & sizes from demons to humans..(the Fewture line is also a favorite of the 4H.) Highly poseable and the most dynamic figure line to date, I have collected all of the individual figures and have used them as template for my Devilman art. I did a lot of "D-man" art in 2002-03 and will be doing more in the near fewture (future ^_^) but here are some of my 1st colored works in photoshop (ever) and the ones that have been featured on the fantastic Devilman sight "Plastic Devilman" for the past couple years.

My first piece was done on LARGE bristolboard (the biggest of the 4 pieces) and featured "WINGED DEVILMAN" & "MIKI." Background was Japanese city photoshop fun! Both characters are based on the Fewture figures. As with most of my art, I usually use figures for reference. This was originally created as part of a Devilman party... I gave out autographed color prints of this piece which I have seen framed in friends houses since!

Next up, a "Got Milk" tribute called "Got MIKI"... This picture is based on 2 designs. The characters look is from the wonderful Marmit (my favorite...^_^) MIKI figure & the item she's holding from the Fewture figure's (accessory) book entitled "Devilman Chronicles."
This is a fan-faveorite among my Devilman works & is inspired by one of my faveorite artists Masakazu Katsura... Miki is a tragic character...

Image three was pretty much by fan request but I love MICO too so it was easy to convince me! This piece was inspired by Noboteru Yuuki's work (my all-time favorite character designer) and I was lucky enough to meet him & tell him just that at OTAKON 2006! What a guy!
The piece features Fewture style MICO with her symbiotic Tollg in a fetal position, on the pavement, with some "devilish" graffiti...

My final entry for this segment features one of the varient colors of ZANN ("Rusty Copper version") the demon general from the Fewture line. This is a more classical anime inspired "commanding power pose" and also features some fun with photoshop terrian imaging!

Original excerpt from the Platic Devilman website:
"I have been drawing Devilman for about as long as I have been collecting the figures, being an artist it's only natural to express your appreciation for the story through your own interpretation with art. My inspiration is mainly from the figures, but I do take elements I like from the existing artwork that has been done (anime & manga), and particularly like Yu Kinutani's Amon manga work & Yasushi Nirasawa's Fewture works. My collection is called Devilman Chronicles (named after Fewture Miki's book) and is based on the existing toylines as well as the anime, manga & my own take on the characters. ^_^ This work is completely illustrated by me, and will show digitally colored and other visual medias to express my Devilman creations.



My second fanart post at He-Man.Org (11.23.05) was also Frank Frazetta inspired! Friendly debate insued for it's contents & charcter depiction, I tryed to get back to more of the original mini-comic barbaric/fanatasy roots that MOTU was based upon. In Roger Sweet's book "Mastering The Universe" he directly states that some of the earliest inspiration for the body size & look of the original fantasy MOTU was directly inspired by Frazetta art. So it seems natural to use MOTU's roots for my more epic/fantasy compositions! I also seemed to get some nice comments on Teela's lovely bottom! One of my faveorite parts of this piece is the sky! It is entirely rendered in photoshop (as only the figures and rock are drawn...) When asked to join Grayskull Chronicles by He-Salvo, I thought a nice way to introduce myself was to recolor this piece as a GSC exclusive with a "new sky" that my brother Brain had helped envision, giving it a darker presence. Thus the original version "Aria" takes place in the "Light Hemisphere", where the "Grayskull Chronicles exclusive version" takes place in the Skeletor's domain the "Dark Hemisphere" making the heroes seem even more desperate to escape... (which do you prefer?)
Here we have a battle where Tri-Klops has already defeated Teela and has blocked He-Man's first protective blow, we capture the moment of the 2 titans 2nd swing before impact! Beast-Man follows behind Tri-Klops for back-up and Teela looks at us the viewer as though we maybe another enemy in Skeletor's ranks waiting for our chance to strike!
The 2 different versions featured here:

...and Grayskull Chronicles exclusive "Dark Hemisphere" version...(this version also contains a few minor color tweeks as well as an updated coloration on Tri-Klop's sword!)

Visit the wonderful Masters Of The Universe site: GRAYSKULL CHRONICLES to see alot of wonderful fanart by some of the best MOTU fan artists out there!


Back on October 31st 2005, I posted my first MOTU fan art on He-Man.Org. I have to say the response I got was phenominal! I was so overwhelmed with how much positive feedback I recieved that I felt truly blessed. I made a vow to continue to make MOTU finished fanart every month since that time, and so far I have stuck to it! My earliest works were all very much Frazetta inspired, and so is a lot of my MOTU art today, the man is an incredible artist who really defined the genre, and I think the way he handles his fantasy art gives it an epic feel that I always find inspirational!
I am still learning a lot about coloring my own work in Photoshop & I find that the cel-shaded style I use more so in my current art is working out for me. Animation has always been my biggest influence so I tend to gravitate towards that style. I am influenced not only by the Anime of the 80's to current time, but just a lot of classic animation in general, the more realistic the animation, say like rotoscoped animation used by Disney, Filmation, or films like "Fire & Ice", the more endearing at times I find it. Same goes for anime that has a more "real" than "cutesy" look to it, something like "Perfect Blue" or "Gantz"
I also get a lot of input from my 2 brothers who are both talented artists in their own respect and I can't thank them enough for their input on just about every piece I create!
Some of the fanbase may still consider this their faveorite piece, and I am glad that I started off my journery into "offical MOTU fanart" the right way! I also find that this piece started off many great friendships that I have with the artist community members of He-Man.Org & Grayskull Chronicles, so I dedicate this piece to you, my friends.

Visit the site for ALL things Masters Of The Universe...HE-MAN.ORG!!! With the latest MOTU news, art, & more!


So let's start this off with a look to the past! This is my EARLIEST colored MOTU piece created specifically on 2.28.2004 for a CD cover for a music compilation I had made of Filmation & MYP music. This has never been posted on He-Man.Org, Grayskull Chronicles, or anywhere else. Featuring He-Man, Teela, & Man-At-Arms all in a VS. THE SNAKEMEN environment. Nice to see I think I've come a ways since this earlier more Anime inspired looking piece!


Even though I'm not much for keeping a journal or blog, I did see this as a great way to showcase my art of the past, present & future, all in one place & it wouldn't have to be series specific! So consider it an ART BLOG, and if you enjoy my art then this is a new place to come and see what I am up to! Please let me know what ya think! I hope to show you art from all facets here, starting with my Masters Of The Universe art that you probably know me for, as well as some other faveorites I might be working on...(like art for Dungeons & Dragons or Devilman.)
This will also be the place where I post some updates on my Masters Of The Universe: Renegade ~ Illustrated Stories, as well as other unseen MOTU/artworks!

I don't know how often this site will be updated, but I'll do my best!
I hope you like my gallery!

So...sit back and enjoy how JafariStew is best served...COLD!

NOTE: The above image created by me is of the classic AD&D
LJN figure... MERCION! (good cleric female - 8.27.06)...
...one of my faveorites!