Masters Of The Universe Origins Part 10!!

The 4 "All-Girl" follow-up to my previous "She-Ra" sneak peak!

A character from DC Comics & specifically tied to this project via the modern DC VS MOTU series. Black Alice's look reminds me so much of the type of work I did in college for character designs, that I just had to include her, she's like a throwback to myself. lol
In this story, Black Alice was practicing rituals to contact inter-dimensional demons through portal phenomenon and was eventually graced (or cursed), with the Demon King of Eternia Skeletor. Black Alice serves as Skeletor's liaison, votary, informant, and as a magical vessel for him to cross through space and time to Earth as either a conquest or an escape!
DRAGON QUEEN (as a young girl):
Based on the lead villianess from the Galoob line "Golden Girl and the Guardians Of The Gemstone" which was another (and probably the best known/successful) She-Ra-inspired-competing-line of the 80's. I picture most of these characters to be somewhat younger than their POP contemporaries. Here as a child, the Dragon Queen (once the Dragon Princess) was forced into her role when Skeletor invaded Storm Isle, and killed her parents (the Dragon King/Queen) and many of her people. This act was made to capture, steal, and later control the Dragons that are native to her land. For protection for her people against Skeletor's future plans, the now child Dragon Queen formed an uneasy alliance with the Snake Men Clan's Priest "Kobra Khan." Her assigned guardian is the "Dragon Lord" & her horse is named "Shadow."

Based on the 1986 MOTU Annual that shows He-Man talking to a Mermaid, this character can also can fulfill the role of "Mermista." I added a couple of my own minor touches to this design to make her look a little less human. Although usually mistrustful of land dwellers, in this story the Mermaid aids He-Man & She-Ra's traveling alliance with information of the Horde's route thru the sea on giant ships to bring in their forces over from the far off Fright Zone to Monarch, her advanced warning ready's the Heroic Forces for impending danger.
Pebblass was added as a guilty pleasure to this series, her name given to her by TG is just too much fun. lol Pebblass represents one of the 5 members of the Rock People who meteored to Eternia in search of peace from a galactic war that tore apart her home world. Fun & flirty, Pebblass & her fellow Rock People have joined He-Man & the Heroic Warriors, to assist their new welcoming allies in hopes of peace from the on coming Horde war.

fun personal facts:
I scored a Dragon Queen figure MIB a couple years back for $20 on ebay, not to shabby...lol
The recent Classics figure of Mermista helped propel her to be finished sooner than later in the art lineup. She is also the only art card that does not have a featured weapon.
Pebblass' gun is based on "Solitaire's" sword from the classic "Rock Lords" line.
Black Alice is a character I wish they would make an action figure of in one of the many DC lines. ;-)


KABUTO MUSHI 2/6/15 release (being a part of the magic!!) XD

"Galactic Emperor"
ver 1:
final product:
 I have been coloring the official Kabuto Mushi mechanicals by Pat Bussey in various colors (based on homages) and submitting them to Marty "The Godbeast" Hansen (the figure's creator) these past couple months as color concept possibilities for his wonderful Glyos buildable figure. Marty is an endless well of talent & ideas so for him to take my concepts into consideration was a true honor. What was special about this particular color combo was Marty went with the one that I submitted that actually came from an idea for a color scheme that I had concocted at work not based on anything specific, just an idea for colors that I thought would look cool on Kabuto Mushi. The fact that he could pull DBZ's "Freiza" from this color combo & improve upon it was a perfect union of tribute and Japanese pop culture character recognition. He also took my recommendation of painting the inner circle on the bug's head as a new paint mask!
It's moments like this as an artist and friend that really will stay with you forever! 
The white is a metallic and the purple & red (etc. details) are painted on the pvc.
I can't thank Marty enough for this opportunity, it really is a dream come true to be a part of the magic that is his amazing Kabuto Mushi figure. 
The other 2 Japanese tribute figures available tonight will be the "Ultraman" homage (metallic silver & red) & "Henshin Cyborg" homage, all are just $16 each while supplies last!

 product shots:

 My version 2, and 2 more versions I did after the final with Marty's revisions advice.

Marty's final mechanical
I'm so pleased to see this colorway make production and cannot thank you enough brother.

^^^ 2/12/15 Update:  He's here and he is amazing!!!


Masters Of The Universe Origins Art Cards Part 9! (sneak peak!)

After a far too long a hiatus...  "Masters Of The Universe Origins Art Cards" are back!!  Here is a sneak peak of the first of 5 new additions featuring none other than 2013 fan poll vote winner She-Ra!  Based on 1 of her many Filmation concept designs, in "my" story line for this interpretation, She-Ra is not related to He-Man, & is the daughter of Queen Hera. The Princess has flown in with her rebel Valkyries from the far off Crystal Castle to Monarch to stop a new foreign invader with a formidable army named General Hordak. Beautiful, smart, & powerful, she carries the sword of protection which was gifted to her by the Sorceress.
2015 is the 30th year anniversary of She-Ra, & I can't think of a better way to celebrate the Princess of Power for me than with some new art for her!

Some designer notes: The spear is based on one of Chap Mei's "Savage Warrior: Beast Raider" weapons. Her color scheme is influenced by both She-Ra and Andromeda of "Wrath Of The Titans."


2014 Kabuto Mushi Checklist Poster

These are my Checklist Posters variations that I made for the 1st year of the incredible & versatile Kabuto Mushi Glyos figure & it's color variations created by "The Godbeast" Marty Hansen.  Photos & graphic design by me.  I also used the official logo.  The 1st version (on the orange backing) features the solicitation description names, & the 2nd (on the green-blue backing) features my "fan-made" names for the characters in my fan-verse (+ official solicitation names).   Special thanks to The Godbeast Marty Hansen for creating this amazing figure and the Glyos community for inspiring some of my builds!


Fun Photos of Collectibles

I love taking pics of my collectibles... some of these were wonderful gifts! Thanks bros!


KABUTO MUSHI Propaganda Art

 I had some free time & decided to get creative!  Using Pat Bussey's wicked Kabuto Mushi Mechanical Art, (along with the new KM logo)... I merged & colored the line art & also created the background imagery etc. for a combination illustration to create a "Propaganda" style poster for the mighty "Sectivorus Supreme!" Big thanks to Marty, & Pat!


Death Skull Pumpkin

Had fun with the family and extended family carving pumpkins on 10/12/14, special thanks to Jenny Bean for the assist!  The design reminded me of the old Remco Skullman/current Realm Of The Underworld Acromancer, so I had to pick it from the wonderful assortment of templates!  I haven't done this since I was a kid. lol


SUCKER PUNCH by Nadzomi Viro...colors by ME!

When I went to see the film "Sucker Punch" in the theaters back in 2011, I saw a truncated version of the film, sliced for a PG-13 rating.  Needless to say it did not live up to expectations.  In 2014, I finally bought the "Extended Edition" BD from the value bin @ Walmart because even though the movie was not a hit with me, the design work was.  Months later I decided to rewatch the movie in this new presentation & was completely blown away by what an extra 20-or-so minutes (an R rating) and a clear mind could do.  The visuals, music, story, all seemed to impress me for this 2nd remixed viewing and thus Sucker Punch has become a favorite and a cult classic for me... so much so that I wanted to revisit the film artistically in some form...
 Nadzomi Viro is a talented artist that resides in Russia whom I admire and greatly enjoy her work on deviantart.  This modern  manga style version of "Sucker Punch" was just what I was looking for to color after my new found appreciation for the film.  Beautiful illustration by Nadzomi, some additional lines, colors, and words by me. 


COLORS: "The Saga Of Crystar"

Sometimes I just like to color.  Simple, clean, fun.  So I flat colored this old (1982-83) Marvel ad for "Crystar: The Crystal Warrior."  This ad was only ever black & white, so adding colors to it for the first time added an extra level of interpretation, as some more decisions had to be made than the norm.  This ad looks as though it was what the toy company Remco used for it's basis for some of  the Crystar toyline, (as well as an early interpretation of the final painted cover of comic issue #1.)  I hope to do my own take on the Crystar Universe sometime, and have already started on some aspects of that. ;)  Unfortunately the Marvel pencil/ink artist(s) are not credited on this art, but colors by me.


Guest Artist: Eric Marshall with art of a Jafaristew created character

 If you are a member of the MOTU fanart community,then you are very familiar with the stellar art of Eric Marshall (aka gbagok on He-Man.org) who has been doing 200X MYP Animation style art & bios for years now, and is actually on his 44th series (at the time of this writing w/characters that are in the 100’s) of capturing every character from every source of Masters Of The Universe in the  fan art forums into 1 continuum.  It is probably the most impressive art thread/project on He-Man.Org period, for the sheer volume of art & story that he has dedicated himself to.  Earlier this year he started adding fan characters from around the forum into his expansive universe, and in his 4th series of Fan Characters he did one that I created for the Gy-gor fan art challenge named “Faw-Sil.”  It’s a  very cool tribute and even adapted many aspects of my bio for her into his own  fan-verse.
Thanks Eric, I love how she turned out!
My original can be found here:



PART II of the Kabuto Mushi art card series!!

TOKETSU: The mighty Beetorian of the cold north, brother of Shigaisen, & ally of Kabuto Mushi. Toketsu has led a heroic life, he has worked hard, demonstrated patience, and has gained respect in leadership within his colony. Living on Mount Fuji he has seen many battles due to the military advantage point of that location. Toketsu has made many wise choices & allies to get to his rank & standing, all at his brother Shigaisen's dismay, as Shigaisen can't understand why he has not had the same success, as he considers them brotherly equals, but Shigaisen does not care for virtue, nor trust, nor does he value life, the opposite of Toketsu's personal and military strategies. Toketsu's hard shell can handle the most extreme temperatures of cold, & he is as handy with a blade as he is a blaster. He displays himself in the "Tall Samurai" form, one of the highest ranking forms for a Beetorian & usually only used for a commander or leadership form within the Beetorian race.

SHIGAISEN: Toketsu's jealous sibling has nothing but contempt for his brother & the Bettorian Corps cause. Although cunning & bright, he acts the fool as Onikisu's right hand man. Seeing as Onikisu is a famous Gladiator, just by being seen with him, Shigaisen believes he is equally as famous, a plea to match his brother's worth in Beetorian eyes. He fights with a ferocity and has no mercy. His weapon of choice is a Empyrean hook that he finds can easily crack the shells of his Beetorian enemies. Shigaisen has been gifted with extreme type of fast fwd vision, where he can see & intercept motions before they happen by the energy that an opponent emits, this gives him a distinct advantage over his enemies, and why Onikisu uses his gift in interpreting their battles with telepathic communication. His chosen form is considered a mockery of the similar samurai forms, as it is a twisted take on a respected look, by inverting his body and wearing the most savage head display.

*I equip most of my Mushi with Spy Monkey weapons, and couldn't resist including the red hook I gave the Metallic Purple Mushi for my art cards (the red is like a perfect match!)

GAIJIN KUROKAMI: In the future, the young human girl known by the Beetorian's as Kurokami (Japanese for black hair) was once a USA historian fluent in Japanese & teaching English in Japan under the JET prgramme. When on a field trip to a research lab on Mount Fuji, the increasing changes in climate over the decades eventually caused a violent eruption, forcing the lab facility occupants to take shelter. A brave Japanese lab tech, who felt that a foreigner should not die away from home, pushed "Kurokami" into one of the state-of-the-art life support systems on the lab site. The lab was covered in molten rock and debris from the eruption, but the 6 pods survived intact within the underground chamber in a form of suspended animation. After countless years of evolution, a battle with the Beetorian corps unearthed the lab, and the battle destroyed all of the pods accidentally except for Kurokami's. Feeling a sense of duty to all life, Kabuto Mushi managed to save Kurokami's suspended body from the wreckage and she was brought back to health within the Colony, although with amnesia. She can remember history & events but not her personal information or past life. Kabuto Mushi decided that she was a valuable asset as a historian of what-was-then-Earth (to educate the Beetorians about human's mistakes) & a friend. Many do not feel the same way about the Gaijin (outsider) & Aka Sasori has often made boasts of having her as a meal & often refers to her as Yochu (larva) or Ujimushi (maggot). She still wears her (now more fitted & customized) suit from her life support unit, (which is almost insectoid-like in appearance, an endearing trait to Kabuto Mushi himself) & although their is plenty of oxygen, it is more to shield her from (at times) the unstable climate. She has heard whispers that some humans still exist but they are no where to be found on land, and hopes that one day she reunite with them & bridge the race of heroic Beetorians and existing humans together peacefully.

*Kurokami is a character I made myself to demonstrate the human element to the chaotic world of Kabuto Mushi, she would serve as our view into the hostile world of Sectivorus.
I don't plan on adding many fan-made characters, but would like to someday include the 80's cult line "Bugmen Of Insecta" toy characters that I will eventually recreate using the KMMKII parts!


MINI MUSHI: Mini Mushi's are the workers of Beetorian society. A subspecies of Beetorians, they do not grow as large or as complex, and they have only a single display form. Like Beetorians the majority of the race is male, with females being uncommon, & more protected due to their rarity. All of the day-to-day tasks from food gathering to building, to 1st line of defense are a part of the Mini Mushi's role in Beetorian Colonies. At least 1 Mini Mushi shares a Telebond with a matching color Beetorian, due to this phenomenon, a Beetorian can Telebond communications with their sidekick Mini Mushi who can communicate telepathically with other Mini Mushi's of the same color division and they will act as a single unit under the Telebonded lead Beetorian's command. A "Swarm" of Mini Mushi is considered 4 or more, and they are fully capable of taking down a unseasoned Beetorian in a fight, acting as a single minded unit. Although smaller than humans, enemy Mini Mushi swarms are the main reason that what remains of humanity has moved underground and no longer can inhabit the topside of the earth.

I hope you enjoyed our second visit to my Kabuto Mushi Fan-Verse!!

*New colorway figures are available tonight 6/1/14 at THE GODBEAST'S STORE...


KABUTO MUSHI (~my fanon)

I have been very enthusiastic about the wonderful Kabuto Mushi series that Marty Hansen has brought to Glyos fans in 2014, & have been creating my own characters from each release...
Marty has created the naming of the series Kabuto Mushi, Beetorians, Sectivorus and some of the other ideas that my own have spun off of, I have named the individual characters (besides Kabuto Mushi) and came up with some ideas about them.
I envision my own "fanon" alternate universe for KMMII as an animated series, & have done fan art cards to share these character ideas for KMMII w/the Glyos fan community...

KABUTO MUSHI: The Hero of our tale, a powerful warrior, a born leader, & diplomat who has made many sacrifices to keep the Beetorians a free & powerful race in a hostile world brimming & overgrown with mutated insect life. He is very strong, skilled with weapons, & has a deep sense of honor & loyalty. He believes in the classic Beetorian ways that have been handed down thru the ages & is the 2nd to call himself "Kabuto Mushi." He is both kind, intelligent, & respected by friend & foe alike. He and his "Beetorian Corps" are the peacekeepers of the planet. His body is in the "samurai" configuration, a form that is earned & the highest ranked visual display among civilized Beetorians.

RIBSASU: Kabuto Mushi's right hand Beetorian Corp member & confidant, he acts as a scout, decoy, & body guard. Although good-natured he can be hot tempered at times, yet always remembers his true cause & honor. He is a trustworthy long-time friend that is fiercely loyal to Kabuto Mushi. He takes risks & his courage knows no bounds. He has chosen a more mechanized configuration, but due to his smaller stature in this form, many underestimate his actual power & skill.

AKA SASORI: The mighty Red Scorpion General, considered a extremist upstart & villain by many in the Beetorian race. Aka Sasori believes that a new world order is at hand, and is taking his armies and invading colonies, tribes, and hives to gather more support & supplies by force and suppress, imprison, or destroy those who do not share his vision. He believes that the home world is in danger, and that alien beings are planning an ultimate invasion(s), and wants to unite the Beetorians into a strong military force to defend their home from interstellar attacks, but many believe that his unjust tactics are more of a quest for absolute power hidden by his alien agenda as a guise. His configuration represents what he sees as the most powerful form for an individual Beetorian, & he is at odds with Kabuto Mushi.

SUTERUSU: A fierce and powerful warrior, he possess the unique ability to become nearly invisible due to his stealth-like biology. Many have theorized that he is a product (or fluke) of the Red Scorpion General's military scientists, as his ability has not been seen in any other Beetorian's (other than his Mini Mushi sidekick). Although he stands with a usually quiet & collected demeanor he will strike viciously at any moment & many question his actual sanity. His deep voice and unsettling presence are unmistakable to his allies but are often unnoticed by his (fallen) foes. His configuration is quite large by individual Beetorian standards and can be intimidating to even the most experienced warriors when his faint outline is actually seen.

So my version of Sectivorus is an alternate or futurish state of Earth that has been transformed due to global warming, severe storms, wild fires, oxygen levels rising, & the bird population being destroyed. It is now inhabited by the evolution of insects into the giant KMMII (a insect hybrid w/transformable exoskeletons) which have replaced humanity (who's survivors are now living underground/or are in hidden stasis due to the harsh state of the world) & the start point of the story would be what is formally Japan, but would eventually expand to include alien worlds. The KMMII have societies/hierarchy, alliances, communication, do battle, and will be fighting other visitors from the Glyos system.  It's all pretty geeky but I like the figures and want an expanded story for them lol.

The art is drawn from my collection & the configurations that I make from the ideas presented on the boards & official media with the colors I like in those configurations. The backing art is inspired by the 80's toy line "BugMen of Insecta" card packaging.

If the community likes this series I will continue to do more art cards. Thanks!



Some custom CD covers I made for the enjoyable RWBY soundtrack feat Casey Lee Williams, & a deluxe version of Lindsey Stirling's wonderful debut cd with a bunch of bonus tracks.  =)


Toy diorama photos...

Photos I did for a couple of forums I'm a member on, photos include the Tim Mee "Battle Mountain," & Marx "Large Mountain."  Figures feature Tim Mee's "Galaxy Laser Team," Excite/Wild Republic Dinosaurs, Chap Mei "Beast Raider/Savage Warrior," Happy Kid Toys "M.A.R.S. Heroes," October Toys "O.M.F.G. ," & The Godbeast's "Kabuto Mushi!"
Galaxy Laser Team:

Dinosaurs (& Godzilla!):


M.A.R.S. Heroes:

Beast Raider:

Kabuto Mushi: