Back on October 31st 2005, I posted my first MOTU fan art on He-Man.Org. I have to say the response I got was phenominal! I was so overwhelmed with how much positive feedback I recieved that I felt truly blessed. I made a vow to continue to make MOTU finished fanart every month since that time, and so far I have stuck to it! My earliest works were all very much Frazetta inspired, and so is a lot of my MOTU art today, the man is an incredible artist who really defined the genre, and I think the way he handles his fantasy art gives it an epic feel that I always find inspirational!
I am still learning a lot about coloring my own work in Photoshop & I find that the cel-shaded style I use more so in my current art is working out for me. Animation has always been my biggest influence so I tend to gravitate towards that style. I am influenced not only by the Anime of the 80's to current time, but just a lot of classic animation in general, the more realistic the animation, say like rotoscoped animation used by Disney, Filmation, or films like "Fire & Ice", the more endearing at times I find it. Same goes for anime that has a more "real" than "cutesy" look to it, something like "Perfect Blue" or "Gantz"
I also get a lot of input from my 2 brothers who are both talented artists in their own respect and I can't thank them enough for their input on just about every piece I create!
Some of the fanbase may still consider this their faveorite piece, and I am glad that I started off my journery into "offical MOTU fanart" the right way! I also find that this piece started off many great friendships that I have with the artist community members of He-Man.Org & Grayskull Chronicles, so I dedicate this piece to you, my friends.

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