Filmation style TEELA for JUKKA

On Oct. 25th, a dear online friend of mine from Finland, Jukka, celebrated his birthday. It is a long standing tradition that Jukka has recieved art from He-Man.Org on his special day orchestrated by his friend Mikko. This past September, Mikko asked specifically of me to draw a Filmation (classic) Style Teela, seeing that she's possibly Jukka's all-time faveorite and knowing that both he & I are such big fans, he though this would be perfect. Developing a great friendship with Jukka over the past year, I was happy to contribute! What was AMAZING was so did a very large handful of the talented artists at He-Man.Org, ALL drawing Filmation/Classic Teela, showing one of the best support projects I have ever seen for any member ever (all unknown that the others were doing this) and definately the most art I have ever seen made for any specific individual! AWESOME!
I'm sure Jukka now knows how valued he is by his friends in the community!
Jukka was also nice enough to create a picture of Teela for me on my birthday making it an extra special event...he knows what this boy likes to see and I loved the picture he did for me.
I decided to do a Filmation Teela that still expressed her trademark look, but with a bit of my own personal style. I also decided that I wanted the pic to compliment both the artwork of Teela that Jukka created for me, as well as the one I did for myself on my birthday, thus a back-view of our fave MOTU girl, in Filmation colors, facing the opposite direction of my b-day piece, with a classic Filmation-style colored sky...

to check out the birthday thread & some of the other amazing art for Jukka at He-Man.Org copy & paste...
To see Jukka's art for my birthday, view his wonderful Teela by copying & pasteing all of the following as one!

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