Another one of my favorites in film is the drive-in era grindhouse films of the 1960's-19'80s. So naturally I would want to try my hand at some custom covers under my own header of "Paracinema 131." Here I have designed a cover for one of my fave commercially unreleased genre films of the 70's "Unholy Rollers" (a roller derby exploitation bash) starring the beloved b-queen & a personal favorite of mine... Claudia Jennings.

I'm using existing images & picking out text, color, design elements, etc. to show my graphic design skills... This was created for my DVD drive-in movies series.


CUSTOM DVD covers (layout design) PART 4

One of the last (& best) overseas great ventures made by the Japanese animation studio powerhouse TMS... was "CYBERSIX." Intended for the international market, this series has a cult following worldwide. How this ever got made as a Saturday morning cartoon is beyond me, as the comic dealt with many "adult" subject matters, but none the less an amazing animated series was born, & I designed (imho) one of my best custom covers yet for it!!
I'm using existing images & picking out text, color, design elements, etc. to show my graphic design skills... This was created for my DVD animation complete collection series.


CUSTOM DVD covers (layout design) PART 3

Here is some more fun work that I have done for my custom DVD covers... these have met with rave reviews from my friends, & next up is just perfect for the Halloween season, a favorite of mine from the late 90's... "Extreme Ghostbusters!!"

I'm using existing images & picking out text, color, design elements, etc. to show my graphic design skills... This is the latest example created for my DVD animation complete collection series.


CUSTOM DVD covers (layout design) PART 2

Earlier this year I showed you my wip for the Bionic 6 custom cover.
Well I'm proud to say that cover is done, along with several other custom dvd covers.
I'm using existing images & picking out text, color, design elements, etc. to show my graphic design skills... Here's some more examples done for DVD animation complete collections.

Both of these covers are some of my most fun & ambitious to date, with the Bionic Six using imagery that I purchased, cleaned, & edited.

The Gobots cover was a labor of love, as all of the Gobots featured on the front cover are figures that my brothers & I actually owned as children. ^_^


DELORA: MOTU Redesign Challenge #96

This art was created for the near monthly MOTU Fan-Challenges on He-Man.Org.
This time, it's based on Stratos' wife Delora. She has 2 very distinct looks in the comics & cartoon, one is a Female Bird Warrior (much like Stratos minus the fur), & the other is of a Village Commoner.

This particular challenge had a great fan turn-out & was one that I have been waiting for!!

It's funny... I had Delora planned for some time in my head (as she has been rumored to be an upcoming challenge), & at 1st she was going to be more of a faux-plant person, but then I decided on the Native American/Villager ala mini-comic take. I messed around with a green or red outfit for a while, but settled on the red of the mini-comics...
I figure the MOTU character "Hawk" was the female-bird warrior in 200X, so in my Universe, I wanted Delora to be something different. More of a native who used to fight with the Avions, using their feathers in their gear as trophies until her people were mostly obliterated by the Great Unrest & Stratos & her fell in love, despite their previous differences, etc. etc... Her weapons are based on real world Camanche style stuff, & the rest is a bit mini-comic, unintentional 不知火 舞 design (after the colors dropped), & the girl from the bowling alley LOL!!



My good friend Gyre-Viper hooked me up with the unbelievably rare & highly sought after unproduced "City Strike Scarlett" figure from the revised GI Joe: Pursuit Of Cobra line. I just happen to love this figure so much that I needed to make a cool new avatar for the Hiss Tank forums. The imagery went over so well that a appreciation thread for my art was started here.
This was a fun project that like most of my works I keep at it until I'm satisfied, this particular image offered the challenge of having a pretty girl behind a mask (as that is the trademark of the figure) & I used images of ROC Scarlett actress Rachel Nichols, some emo-girl artists, & mostly the figure itself for reference. I can't thank Gyre enough for what he did for me here as he really gave me one of my favorite GI Joe figures I own of all time, & she will remain a cherished piece in my collection forever...


HELIX Avy Bust (Alt. Colors)

A new background & remixed colors for a fresh Avy of my previous Helix work. The colors where inspired by an alternate color/character design sheet (for the ROC video game) featuring my favorite member of the ROC era... Helix!!



I'm working on a tribute piece to a man that inspired me greatly, Frank Frazetta, & with his passing, the fantasy art realm will never be the same, as he is one of the best modern artists of all time... this is the 1st stage of my wip drawn in non-photo pencil (but darkened so you can see it here), hopefully my version of his "Princess" will show my gratitude for all of the enjoyment I have been given from his works over the years. This will give you a bit of insight into my drawing process as to how it all starts, as this was drawn from a Frazetta figurine I own & some of his paintings/drawings for inspiration, I hope to have this completed (with backing) in the near future.



2 films that I had an absolute blast watching at the movie theater we're ZOMBIELAND & KICK ASS, both of which had fantastic soundtracks, ZOMBIELAND luckily received an official original bgm CD, but never one for the assembled songs, & KICK ASS only had an overseas
release & itunes release domestically (minus some of the great bgm). I meant to amend these musical missteps with making compilations for the "part 2" portion of my BLOODY CUSTOM CD covers series. Thanks again to debi-churu for the brushes!! I went gangbusters with these 2 covers, basically using some official art for inspiration, logo, & base covering, & then taking my own twist on the layout/extras to mimic some of the better advertising to create 2 more "bloody custom covers." The ZOMBIELAND selection is a "best of" the official & uncompiled music, while the KICK ASS compilation expands on the import collection with the music not included... graphic design, layout, text, etc. by me...



Working on some of my graphic design stuff I decided to make more custom covers for "best collections" of some of my favorite soundtracks. KILL BILL will always be 1 of my all-time favorite movies, as well as one of my all-time favorite soundtracks. Unfortunately between the 2 movies, the ost cd's never had all of the music complete from the films, because of this, I've made several compilations either compiling all of the music or for assorted "best of's." So far I have made 4 supplement cd's compiling the music for KILL BILL. The 1st was "The Best Of KILL BILL" followed by "Vol 1 ost ~ Unreleased Cuts", a "Complete Music Collection", & most recently the "KILL BILL Best Selection." (2010) Credit to deviant artists munky-designs & debi-churu for providing base art & brushes for this respectively, graphic design, layout, text, etc. by me...


BIONIC SIX DVD COVER wip sneak-peak!!

One of my custom DVD covers I am currently working on is for one of my favorite 80's animated series "Bionic Six." Using my own scans from the Bionic Six "Super Picture Book", I noticed that the one for Helen (aka Mother-1) was not done by the original character designer Mike Vosburg, but was instead done by the sp book illustrator Vince Perez. To make the character designs consistent w/Vosburg's work for my wip dvd cover I used his original head shots, & digitally edited Perez's work (along with my own digital cleanup & redraw) & got what you see below.
3 artists, 1 image...

*** The full wrap around will be revealed later this year!!


SNAKE EYES (Rescue Mission) WIP

Welcome to JafariStew's Art Blog in 2010!!

I am celebrating my 4TH year with this blog!! >_<
And want to thank all the friends & fans who regularly visit, it's what makes the blog a great experience for me & I appreciate your feedback!!

...2010 promises to be another exciting expression of my art as I have many new (& classic) things planned. I'll be doing more fan-favorites like MOTU & GI Joe, but also have some other stuff planned like character designs for some of my favorite oldskool drive-in style movies. We'll also be taking a look into my artistic past, present, & future with some new art installments I hope we will all enjoy. I plan a big year & will always have something new again each month in 2010.

<---- Starting off we have a rough sketch of the Target exclusive "Rescue Mission Snake Eyes", drawn in late 2010, this was one of my 1st character models made from the last quarter figures released to warm up my skills for an upcoming wallpaper I have planned for GI Joe good guys. Here you can see the general looseness of my sketching process as will as how I start my work (with blue non-photo line art) as I usually go through a couple of these roughs before making a final. This would be a "stage 1" drawing as it's a static warm-up, & most likely not an end pose for the final.

I look forward to the year ahead & hope you are too...