ROLLER DERBY photography!!!

Those of you who know me best know about my addiction to Roller Derby over the past year, & being a visual person I try to take as many photos at the girl's bouts in Providence as a I possible can. It's no easy task as it's SO Action Packed!! But here is a couple samples... I'm so hardcore. lol


Ginger Bread Person

Had a project at work to do to create a team member as a Gingerbread person, I did that, but also wanted to create my own, so I made a Roller Derby gingerbread girl name "Ginger Snaps!!"


Portrait sketches

2 portrait sketches! The first one s of my good friend & fellow artist Tamara during a session we did in Fall 2011, the 2nd is from that 80's teenage chick from "WeLikIt" ice cream. =-)


Beast Raiders original sketch...

Original sketch for my Beast Raiders "BladeKiller" bio. I found the pose reminded me to much of 200X Skeletor, so I changed it for the final posted previously... It's a nice chance to see my line work & sketching ideas/process.



A picture of the 2008-2010 series of J-Rock CD concert comps I designed for the 2011 J-Rock Party... Yousei Teikoku, Versailles/Dir En Grey, Jam Project/Rentrer En Soi, Vamps CD/DVD & X-Japan Covers/Best!!


BEAST RAIDER height guide

I simple height guide of my Beast Raiders profiles for reference. I use these to help flesh out the characters sizes in their universe for myself & fans. I hope to return to this project some day in the future as I have more characters, new bios. & new backgrounds I wish to express with the range. =-)


BEAST RAIDER volume 2!!

Continuing with more BEAT RAIDERS animation style art!!

The character "MYST" is loosely based (with an original name as the actual figure has none) on a figure from the"BEAST RAIDERS" repaint line "WITCHCRAFT KNIGHT." And I mean loosely based, as the figure that this design is created from appears to be budgeted with a lack of paint, so much so that she seems to not even be wearing anything below her waist!! lol ...so some artistic liberty was taken on this one. lol

In the 1st installment both "THUNDERTHOR" & "BLADEKILLER" were originally for the BEAST RAIDERS line, while TRI-TREMIS here first appeared in WIZARD'S RULE range & was later repackaged for "BEAST RAIDERS." He reminds me a bit of King Hiss from MOTU.


BEAST RAIDER volume 1!!

Hey gang!!
As a new project I decided to create art for the MOTU inspired/knock-off toy line BEAST RAIDER!!
"Savage Warrior-Beast Raider (Warriors Of The Savage)" was a range done by Chap Mei around 2003 & found in discount stores nation wide, hoping to capitalize on the popularity of fantasy lines like MOTU & Jurassic Park at the time. The line featured newly sculpted dinosaurs as steeds with 2 new MOTU inspired leads THUNDERTHOR (could be loosely based on Snake Armor HE-MAN) & BLADEKILLER (a blatant SKELETOR homage) as well as a combination of other figures from previous Chap Mei lines (like WIZARD'S RULE & SOLDIER FORCE) that would fit within the theme of this current line. The range was successful enough to be carried for several years & even was renamed (MYSTERY MEN) & recolored with added figures (WITCHCRAFT KNIGHT) in other countries. Personally I always found the line to be an interesting one with some good quality toys & ideas, as well as a good scale at a very affordable price. It was popular with some MOTU collectors at the time, & still has a following today with some of the items remaining quite collectible among Chap Mei/Fantasy/Dinosaur enthusiasts.
I have never seen any fan-art or fiction done for this line, so the stories in the bios are completely my own, based on how I would handle an animated series based on the property.
I envision it as a darker world than MOTU, with more adult themes.
If this project is a hit with my Fans, I'll continue to add more characters based on the BEAST RAIDERS figures as well as the other already associated lines.
*Special thanks to my brother Brain for his artistic input on the process & my brother Randy for the positive feedback.
Thanks & I hope you enjoy the art & story.


Custom CD Covers 2011

Some more fun with supplied art & graphic design. From around the web (& bought from Amazon) & into my custom series!



My art is being featured today on the awesome action figure blog "THAT FIGURES"!!

Check it OUT!!




I like to update my GI Joe HissTank website Avy every few months, & I'm starting off the 2011 year with the controversial Reso/ROC charater "Dial Tone!!" Portrayed as the original DT's sister (Jack & Jill), she's crept into most modern GI Joe media... & even though she's not "new-new" as with most of my Joe avy's in toy form, I felt she was worth her due in my avy catalog as I liked this new female character for Joe a lot & used the figure (rather than the comic or animation models) for reference. Based on a friend (Tabitha), with & without glasses, & several digital camo apps, I went with a homemade camo app as I thought it looked the best & most like the figure. I also screen-lined her so it looks like she's doing her job as a tech & is on your viewing screen. I had a lot of fun with this one!



Easily one of my top 2 top favorite movies for 2010 (the other being "Kick-Ass") was the delightful Scott Pilgrim film... Seamlessly blending real life with comics & video games, it truly is a uniquely wonderful film all it's own. Part of the enjoyment comes from the buzz soundtrack, so here (with Amazon's digital help) I put together a nice little custom CD cover for a 3-cd set (legally) containing the OST, Score, & Video Game music ...nice!


2011 Another Year Of JAFARISTEW !! (Concept Zarana sketch)!!

We are starting our 5TH year here at JafariStew's artblog... & still going strong!! Hopefully we will have some fun surprises planned for the year with plenty of new art, as I am hoping to bring more hand drawn GI Joe & MOTU art as well as art based on Drive-In Movies & Classic Cartoons... as well as more graphic design w/CD & DVD covers...

FIRST UP, this is a FAST sketch based on a Concept GI Joe Dreadnok "Zarana" figure that was shown to me & other guests @ JoeCon 2010 on Hasbro's Tour, very few got to see the figure in person, so I did this rough sketch for HISSTANK to show this somewhat "Appleseed" inspired interpretation! The figure was beautiful & this sketch can only give a faint idea of the actual unreleased product!