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Congrats to all the participants on some excellent entries! And a special thanx to all the Orgers who voted for me! I really appreciate it! ^_^

Created for the
"MOTU redesign challenge #71: Female Ranger prototype" contest on He-Man.Org...(1.2007)
This was an interesting challenge because it was based on a design of a never-released prototype of a figure for the original 1980's MOTU line. The figure had 2 designs, one that resembled a female Native-American, & one that resebled a female barabairian with a very Frazetta influenced style. Being a big fan of MOTU, Rangers (from D&D), and the female-form, I had to give this one a try.

I went for a backstory envolving my Ranger being a descendant of the GREEN GODDESS, & then keeping with a ranger-style attire, added an element of mystery, goth, & a minor touch of Native American.
I tried to include what looks like maybe had a bit of influence on the 4H's "Jungle Attack He-Man's" bow (shown here in the proto-sketches) as the Ranger weapon of choice...
Hope you like her!!!


BLOOD WAR ~ D&D Minis - 1st Art of 2007

Hey there!
I just finished my latest fanart work from the most recently released line of D&D Minis entitled "Blood War"... It features the 2 Chaotic Evil minis "Doomguard" & "Skeletal Reaper" before a skirmish!... check it out & PLEASE let me know what you think! Thanks!!!

If your unfamiliar with "Blood War" or DDM in general, here's the official gallery of all 60 "Blood War" minis, you can see the "Doomguard" & "Skeletal Reaper" minis that this artwork is based on.

Thanks again!

Blood War gallery:
Official DDM page:

***This picture was actually created before the DDC "Prelude" piece, but was finished afterwards due to me wanting to have the "Prelude" piece in time for the DDC USA DVD release...***


On a side note, unrelated to my art...2006 was a heck of year, being a J-rocker, (Otakon proved to be one of the best 2 I have ever been to, since 1st attending in 1997), and when thinking of 2006, I can't help but think of my most cherished moment. The chance I had of being 1 of the last 15 (of literally 100's of people behind me waiting in line) who got to meet Yoshiki of X -Japan & Violet UK fame ...(my musical idol!!!) ... I can't thank Yoshiki himself & Otakon enough for this" once in a life time moment" that I will always remember...

It was also great having my brother Brain, and best pals Mike & Jared to share that experience with... ^_^
Otakon also managed to bring one of my all-time faveorite Visual-Kei bands, MUCC, to perform live & later, meet the band for autographs, by far one of thr most J-Rockin' moments of my life...MUCC was by far my pick for "band of the year..."

***UPDATE!*** I'm proud to annouce that my brother Brian, & friends Jared, Mike, & I... all made it on ...(in several scenes mind you)... MUCC'S final 2006 single release "Horizont" (CD single + DVD limited edition UPCI-9510 / 2006.11.08) DVD from Otakon this summer of 2006 & are featured in several clips, most notable the autograph line! How awesome is that, we are NOW part of MUCC's offical discography!

My faveorite ALBUMS of 2006, in no particular order:

1. MUCC - gokusai & 6
2. HYDE - faith

3. DUEL JEWEL - visions ep + singles
4. ANNA TSUCHIYA - strip me
5. MERRY - peep show

6. HIGH & MIGHTY COLOR - gouon progressive

7. GO!GO! 7188 - parade

8. MOVE - grid

9. THE PILLOWS - my foot

10. LAREINE - imperial concerto

Special mention to GAZETTE, TOMMY HEAVENLY6, & HIDEKI for having some of the BEST singles this year! And EVANESCENCE for my fave USA album...