While working on an avatar of Sheila from the Classic Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon, I started undertaking a MUCH larger image for the background, which in turn led to this more modern type of imagery of the classic theme to the show...the kids finding a way home. For oldskool fans of one of the most incredible cartoons of the 80's, in almost every episode our young heroes are faced with the option of sacrafice, to help themselves or another, and the option they usually have to sacrafice is the portal leading home... to Earth... away from the D&D Realm...
This image I created shows one of my faveorite character's, Sheila, facing that sacrafice and hesitating before stepping into the portal that leads to the Carnival that the children entered the realm from.

Check out the DDC on DVD coming December 5th 2006 in the USA from BCI (the company that released the award-winning He-Man, She-Ra, Prince Valiant, Flash Gordon, etc.) it promises to be one of the best DVD animation releases EVER with TONS of amazing extras including a hardcoverd book by WOTC making all of the DDC characters playable in the actual D&D game as well as a radio-style drama of the final unmade episode "Requiem!"
BCI Master of DVD Documentaries Andy Mangles:

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  1. Hi Mercion,
    I meant to do this a while ago but I've been strugling with RL - I was going to ask if you needed any screencaps (I know, the DVD is out in days!) but I have some up for the Virtual Realm and wondered if you would like some to heop with art.
    If you would, please give me an email - sealgirl (at) thevirtualrealm (dot) co (dot) uk

    *enquires, for fish*