CATRA concept

In January 2006, one of the most participated art contests of all time at He-man.Org was the CATRA (from POP) redesign thread. The goal was to update CATRA for the 200X line and see who had the best design which was voted on by fans/forum members. Seeing the calibur of artists that entered this contest, even being a newbie at the time, I could not resist! Redesigning the top SHE-RA villian was a great challenge! The end result was 20 amazing artist entries!!! I enetred the challenge on January 17th & placed in the top 5 with a 3 part voting system on this entry which is highly based on the classic 80's toy (rather than the cartoon) with my own personal touch.

The image proved more popular than I thought!!! I had recieved a request from expert fan-customizer "Hordaks Henchman" to create a figure based on my design! In order give a fellow artist a hand, I designed a "Character design sheet" for Catra featuring her front & back designs & help feature my "true vision" of the character... I made some minor tweeks here & there, and came up with this character sheet featured here:

The final toy has been customized by Hordak's Henchmen, here's a picture!!

The design has been commented on positively many times by fans and will even be featured in the current 2006 remake comic of "Secret Of The Sword!!!"

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