The Dream Mistress: MOTU Redesign Challenge #86

This image was created for the Redesign Challenge #86 "The Dream Mistress" over on He-man.Org. An obscure Masters of the Universe character that was only featured in UK MOTU comic #67 "The Deadly Wishes."

The Dream Mistress is a magical woman that lures & seduces men with promises of fulfilling their inner most dreams, if only they can brave the dangers & traps of her fortress, located in the ancient ruins.
You can see more about her here...BUSTA TOONS BLOG
I came up with my own take on the character which proved to be a real challenge as she is nearly nude in her original interpretation, wearing a thong & armor w/nipples. What's the challenge there you say? Well to meet the boards standards on nudity without going overboard... lol. Many entries were placed & some had to be redone just for that reason. I made it through successfully. I also made it to the finals among a lot of amazing entries by the boards artists where I tied for 3rd. I made her bio a bit different than the original story where she actually ended up being Hordak in disguise, & made her a real entity instead. Her design is based on the original with some real life model inspiration for the pose, as well as her hair & face is based on Kahlan from the hit fantasy tv show now airing "Legend of The Seeker."


PILOT SCARLETT avatar remake

Pilot Scarlett avatar version 2.0:

Here is an updated version of my G.I.*Joe Scarlett avatar. It reflects Hasbro's Modern Era wave 11 '08 version of the character. Which is a tribute to "Glenda", an international repaint that was done in Argentina by the Plastirama toy company. I really like this version of Scarlett as she is loaded with gear, has a nice new head sculpt with the more formal pinned-up hair-du, & has a great color scheme.
One of my favorites in the '08 line-up!!

TOP 10 Favorites in 2008 (in no particular order):

1. J-ROCK: My favorite bands have been invading the US with a banner year in music!! (I saw a LOAD of awesome J-Rock bands LIVE this year, including Japan Nite '08 (Scandal/The Emeralds/Petty Booka/Ketchup Mania/Detroit7/The Beaches) in NY, Noodles/The Pillows (3rd time!) in NY, TM Revolution in NY, Renter En Soi in NJ, Jam Project in MD, DaizyStripper/Marbell/The Underneath in MD, Versailles in NY, & Dir En Grey in NY... best year for J-ROCK in the US ever!!
2. G.I.*Joe (Modern Era): '08 continued to impress with there best line since the 80's!!
3. Masters Of The Universe Classics: the new collectors brand launched this year with new fully-posable amazing figures online.
4. Transformers Universe: Classics 2.0 brought us some of the best reinvisoned staple TF's yet!!
5. Cirque Du Soliel ~Kooza: one of the most amazing shows I have ever seen, go see Cirque, between the performance & live music, it is a really unique & special... & I was lucky enough to have seen this with my friend Katrin from Germany. ^_^
6. Grindhouse Films: Cult classics & drive-in fare continued in '08 (despite some major industry hits) with some of the best guilty pleasure DVD releases yet.
7. Star Wars the Clone Wars: has made Star Wars all new again with a great new animated series that is bringing new life to the franchise!!
8. Avatar The Last Airbender: Possibly the best animated series ever made ended triumphantly this year with it's 3rd book having what is the best finale I have ever seen!! It was nice to share this show with the fandom @ NYCC.
9. Classic Cartoons: More favorites from the 80's dropped on DVD this year like Galaxy Rangers, Saber Rider, & Jayce & the Wheeled Warriors!!
10. Batman~ The Dark Knight: might be the best super hero movie EVER.