My good friend Gyre-Viper hooked me up with the unbelievably rare & highly sought after unproduced "City Strike Scarlett" figure from the revised GI Joe: Pursuit Of Cobra line. I just happen to love this figure so much that I needed to make a cool new avatar for the Hiss Tank forums. The imagery went over so well that a appreciation thread for my art was started here.
This was a fun project that like most of my works I keep at it until I'm satisfied, this particular image offered the challenge of having a pretty girl behind a mask (as that is the trademark of the figure) & I used images of ROC Scarlett actress Rachel Nichols, some emo-girl artists, & mostly the figure itself for reference. I can't thank Gyre enough for what he did for me here as he really gave me one of my favorite GI Joe figures I own of all time, & she will remain a cherished piece in my collection forever...