KING OF CASTLE GRAYSKULL (~mini-comic tribute~)

On 7.01.06 I decided to tribute one of the amazing covers from the classic MOTU mini-comics in the updated 200X style.
The classic mini-comics helped to define MOTU, and I thought it would be a nice way to pay homage to the MOTU artists I grew up on!
I did a 200X version of one of my faveorite covers "King Of Castle Grayskull" by the talented Alfredo P. Alcala!
I set this up as an art challenge for other MOTU artists to try their hand at a cover tribute... and we ended up with some AMAZING WORK!!! Everyone who participated gave it 100% and I was so happy with the results in the end...maybe I'll do it again someday! ^_- There's a lot of great covers still waiting to be reinvisioned!
Here's KING OF CASTLE GRAYSKULL (one of the original 4 comic covers)!!!

And I did a "CLASSIC Colored Version" for "Grayskull Chronicles!"

Here's a close-up of TEELA from this piece...

And a close-up in "Classic Colors"...

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  1. Anonymous7:47 PM

    I love your Teela! She's so cute.