To help celebrate a year of fanart at He-Man.Org, I wanted to thank my viewers by showing them a SNEAK PREVIEW of one of my future illustrated stories for 2007!

Here is some of the ROUGH character designs for MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE RENEGADE STORIES: BERSERK!

Enjoy the preview for this ALL-OUT JUNGLE ROMP & tell me what you think!

Set shortly after Hordak's reign on Eternia, a defeat delivered by none other than his former apprentice Skeletor, the Evil Warriors are at it again, and a battle in the sky leads the Masters chasing Skeletor & his minions to the Berserker Islands where are story begins to unfold...

Bear in mind that these are rough preview character designs based on the action figures and creative license & are subject to some changes before the illustrated story is released. Thanks!

1 comment:

  1. I really like the premise! I wonder if there will be some Teela vs. man-eating plant action as well in this hostile evironment she'll be stuck in.
    Looking forward to seeing it finished!