Fan art I created for one of my favorite underground idol groups Malcolm Mask McLaren!
This was for their One-Man Live on 6.3.17 & was presented to them at the show by a close friend in Japan! Thankfully the girls loved it!


My Marauder Task Force Universe

I have been having a lot of fun (re)creating with the Marauder Task Force action figures recently and have started making my own universe based on builds from obscure ARAH Joes, knock-off style figures, MTF customs shown, and my own ideas. I like using all MTF parts to push me creatively so there is no mix & match (and no added paint). Special thanks to Marauder Inc for this amazing action figure line!

 From Top To Bottom:
1. "ONE" based on the Military One "Beret" figure
2. "CARDINAL" based on the cool Red Marauder build on the Hiss Tank website!
3. "MEGA-CLUTCH" based on GI Joe ARAH Mega Marines Clutch
4. "ALLEY CAT" based on the GI Joe ARAH '93 Alley Viper
5. "CHARLATAN" based on the GI Joe ARAH Chameleon character
6. "FRANKENSTEIN" based on a childhood GI Joe ARAH frankenjoe build of Torpedo, Cobra Officer, & Low Light


Custom CD Cover: Fruitpochette

Idol metal group Fruitpochette "Best Selection" compilation, I made a custom CD cover for a disc containing all of my favorites!



A custom CD +DVD set chronicling the music I heard while visiting Japan, from the Live Concerts to the Maidreamin' Cafe, it's all there! XD  


J-Rock Best Selection 2016 custom CD cover

The tradition of the best rock music from Japan continues with this custom 3 CD set with a stellar selection of my 2016 personal favorites!


Babymetal NYC Box

Custom cover & back of a CD + DVD set I made for the Babymetal show I attended in NYC 2016. =)

Custom cover & back of a CD + DVD set I made for the Babymetal show I attended in NYC 2016. =)