Some fun with Voodoo Dollie...

Today's the last day before the OMFG S5 submission *extended* deadline ends, so I had some fun w/my entry Voodoo Dollie as a silhouette & in alt colors!


Voodoo Dollie O.M.F.G. Series 5 Submission

Voodoo Dollie MK II:*New Shoes*

One of the best indie toy lines running for the last couple years is O.M.F.G. (Outlandish Mini Figure Guys)...
Run by the prolific George & Ayleen Gaspar they have given the fan creative community a chance to create a M.U.S.C.L.E./keshi style figure line thru submissions (that can be drawn, rendered, or sculpted) that are then voted on by the very same fan community, settled by a committee, funded by Kickstarter, & then the top 5-6 are actually made into mini-figure toys.  With 2014 bringing us the 5th series of this line, I had to take a stab at it myself.  I have had a few ideas, but decided that it is in my best interest (as recommended by George himself) to submit the one that was the most fleshed out (as not to compete with myself for votes from the community)... So among the ideas I have, I chose to create "Voodoo Dollie" (aka "Cursed Dawn" aka "Raggedy Agony"), as the O.M.F.G. line has a type of horror theme to their toys (the company creating them is called "October Toys" after all). With this I personally went thru what has already been created/conceptualized for the line, as well as what horror/fun themes haven't.  I went with a voodoo theme & decided to make the character female, as the line thus far has only had 1 female character chosen to be made. After I drew the design, I colored it up in Kinnukuman (aka M.U.S.C.L.E.) anime styled colors so that the design would resemble (more closely) to what the final project *could* look like. Placed it on the O.M.F.G. S5 template and then submitted it for feedback on the October Toys forum.  From there I received some great feedback including making the shoes a different style, so I took the advice from my peers & relaunched "Voodoo Dollie."  So far she has been met with a lot of positive reactions, so let's hope she becomes a contender & we might see her in toy form some day (fingers crossed) =)

Original Design:

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