SD: MOTU ~Super-Deformed Masters Of The Universe~

By far my most popular Masters project to date has been my anime style "Super-Deformed Masters Of The Universe!!!" The idea was one I had early on in my Masters art mythology and I started working on them in batches of 4, 3, or 2 whenever I had a free drawing moment.
The project was to continue untill I had 10 Heroic & 10 Evil characters represented in the SD Universe. Although ideas for this type of represntation of Masters had been done in the past, I think the key to the success here was the fact that I had done SO MANY characters at once, rather than just 1 or 2. This way a lot of favorites could be represented. I took great care in studying how SD was done using everything from classic to modern anime, and even DS game design work to make sure these guys & girls all were crafted with an authentic SD look. I also made sure to do fan-faveorites as well as more obscure characters to keep it interesting. The 1st idea was to have them all lined up in a good vs evil mode, but that proved to be WAY to long a piece for display, so I piled them up more like a "Pocket Fighter" cover and the 1st final image was displayed on May 2nd 2006!

As positive feedback grew I decided to disassemble my work so everyone could see their faveorites individually as I drew them originally!
He-Man, Man-At-Arms, Teela, Stratos, Man-E-Faces:
Tri-Klops, Mer-Man, Evil-Lyn, Beast-Man, Skeletor:
Ram-Man, Mekaneck, Roboto, Snout Spout, Orko:
Stinkor, Clawful, Whiplash, Faker, Trap-Jaw:
Just for fun, I thought I would repaint these SD MOTU characters into some of the other colors MOTU History has given us for them... People seemed to like them, so I kept going!

Classic Colors He-Man, Serpent Claw Man-At-Arms, Snake Teela, Sky Strike Stratos, & Repaint Man-E-Faces:
Repaint Tri-Klops, Repaint Mer-Man, Classic Colors Evil-Lyn, Repaint Beast-Man, & Repaint (1) Skeletor:
A lot of fans asked when I was making their "faveorite" Master, and since this project was so well recieved, I replied that this was an "ongoing project" for me and I would eventually get to SDing all of the exisiting figures, stactions, & whatever future stactions the 4H can give us! And I plan on KEEPING that promise...
After these initial batches I did 3 more repaint schemes to advertise the upincoming SERIES 2 to give the fans a bit more varients before all "new" SD characters appeared, a fun promotional idea!
SERIES 1.5 continued

Spin-Blade Skeletor, Smash-Blade He-Man:
Faker (Anti-He-Man colors), Repaint Trap-Jaw:
Repaint Ram-Man, Repaint Mekaneck:
Series 2 will be coming up...stay tooned....

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