Brief History: Those of you who know me well are familiar with what a HUGE Devilman fan I am. In my opinion, Devilman is one of the BEST series ever in Japan and manga-ka Go Nagai's finest work. Although early Devilman TV (1972) strayed from the original manga, the OVA's of the late 80's and the OVA AMON (2000) where much more faithful to the original, it is upon reading the complex of the manga & newer anime features of tales of the demons from prehistoric times being frozen and dorment until Satan unleashed them in the present and only a person of a true heart combined with a demon could stop them, as well as new quality figures being produced... did my interest 1st grow. But in actuality it is more than just a story of the apocolypse of earth happening with a demon war, but also a tale of friendship, betrayal, & love. Those closest to me know that I have a VAST collection of Devilman manga, figures, & collectibles, everything from gashapon to bottlecaps to chess pieces, but one of my faveorites amongst these is the GIANT line made by FEWTURE toys at the turn of the century designed by Yasushi Nirasawa & sculpted by Toshimitsu Usui. An incredible line rich in detail of all variable colors, shapes, & sizes from demons to humans..(the Fewture line is also a favorite of the 4H.) Highly poseable and the most dynamic figure line to date, I have collected all of the individual figures and have used them as template for my Devilman art. I did a lot of "D-man" art in 2002-03 and will be doing more in the near fewture (future ^_^) but here are some of my 1st colored works in photoshop (ever) and the ones that have been featured on the fantastic Devilman sight "Plastic Devilman" for the past couple years.

My first piece was done on LARGE bristolboard (the biggest of the 4 pieces) and featured "WINGED DEVILMAN" & "MIKI." Background was Japanese city photoshop fun! Both characters are based on the Fewture figures. As with most of my art, I usually use figures for reference. This was originally created as part of a Devilman party... I gave out autographed color prints of this piece which I have seen framed in friends houses since!

Next up, a "Got Milk" tribute called "Got MIKI"... This picture is based on 2 designs. The characters look is from the wonderful Marmit (my favorite...^_^) MIKI figure & the item she's holding from the Fewture figure's (accessory) book entitled "Devilman Chronicles."
This is a fan-faveorite among my Devilman works & is inspired by one of my faveorite artists Masakazu Katsura... Miki is a tragic character...

Image three was pretty much by fan request but I love MICO too so it was easy to convince me! This piece was inspired by Noboteru Yuuki's work (my all-time favorite character designer) and I was lucky enough to meet him & tell him just that at OTAKON 2006! What a guy!
The piece features Fewture style MICO with her symbiotic Tollg in a fetal position, on the pavement, with some "devilish" graffiti...

My final entry for this segment features one of the varient colors of ZANN ("Rusty Copper version") the demon general from the Fewture line. This is a more classical anime inspired "commanding power pose" and also features some fun with photoshop terrian imaging!

Original excerpt from the Platic Devilman website:
"I have been drawing Devilman for about as long as I have been collecting the figures, being an artist it's only natural to express your appreciation for the story through your own interpretation with art. My inspiration is mainly from the figures, but I do take elements I like from the existing artwork that has been done (anime & manga), and particularly like Yu Kinutani's Amon manga work & Yasushi Nirasawa's Fewture works. My collection is called Devilman Chronicles (named after Fewture Miki's book) and is based on the existing toylines as well as the anime, manga & my own take on the characters. ^_^ This work is completely illustrated by me, and will show digitally colored and other visual medias to express my Devilman creations.

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