My second fanart post at He-Man.Org (11.23.05) was also Frank Frazetta inspired! Friendly debate insued for it's contents & charcter depiction, I tryed to get back to more of the original mini-comic barbaric/fanatasy roots that MOTU was based upon. In Roger Sweet's book "Mastering The Universe" he directly states that some of the earliest inspiration for the body size & look of the original fantasy MOTU was directly inspired by Frazetta art. So it seems natural to use MOTU's roots for my more epic/fantasy compositions! I also seemed to get some nice comments on Teela's lovely bottom! One of my faveorite parts of this piece is the sky! It is entirely rendered in photoshop (as only the figures and rock are drawn...) When asked to join Grayskull Chronicles by He-Salvo, I thought a nice way to introduce myself was to recolor this piece as a GSC exclusive with a "new sky" that my brother Brain had helped envision, giving it a darker presence. Thus the original version "Aria" takes place in the "Light Hemisphere", where the "Grayskull Chronicles exclusive version" takes place in the Skeletor's domain the "Dark Hemisphere" making the heroes seem even more desperate to escape... (which do you prefer?)
Here we have a battle where Tri-Klops has already defeated Teela and has blocked He-Man's first protective blow, we capture the moment of the 2 titans 2nd swing before impact! Beast-Man follows behind Tri-Klops for back-up and Teela looks at us the viewer as though we maybe another enemy in Skeletor's ranks waiting for our chance to strike!
The 2 different versions featured here:

...and Grayskull Chronicles exclusive "Dark Hemisphere" version...(this version also contains a few minor color tweeks as well as an updated coloration on Tri-Klop's sword!)

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Back on October 31st 2005, I posted my first MOTU fan art on He-Man.Org. I have to say the response I got was phenominal! I was so overwhelmed with how much positive feedback I recieved that I felt truly blessed. I made a vow to continue to make MOTU finished fanart every month since that time, and so far I have stuck to it! My earliest works were all very much Frazetta inspired, and so is a lot of my MOTU art today, the man is an incredible artist who really defined the genre, and I think the way he handles his fantasy art gives it an epic feel that I always find inspirational!
I am still learning a lot about coloring my own work in Photoshop & I find that the cel-shaded style I use more so in my current art is working out for me. Animation has always been my biggest influence so I tend to gravitate towards that style. I am influenced not only by the Anime of the 80's to current time, but just a lot of classic animation in general, the more realistic the animation, say like rotoscoped animation used by Disney, Filmation, or films like "Fire & Ice", the more endearing at times I find it. Same goes for anime that has a more "real" than "cutesy" look to it, something like "Perfect Blue" or "Gantz"
I also get a lot of input from my 2 brothers who are both talented artists in their own respect and I can't thank them enough for their input on just about every piece I create!
Some of the fanbase may still consider this their faveorite piece, and I am glad that I started off my journery into "offical MOTU fanart" the right way! I also find that this piece started off many great friendships that I have with the artist community members of He-Man.Org & Grayskull Chronicles, so I dedicate this piece to you, my friends.

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So let's start this off with a look to the past! This is my EARLIEST colored MOTU piece created specifically on 2.28.2004 for a CD cover for a music compilation I had made of Filmation & MYP music. This has never been posted on He-Man.Org, Grayskull Chronicles, or anywhere else. Featuring He-Man, Teela, & Man-At-Arms all in a VS. THE SNAKEMEN environment. Nice to see I think I've come a ways since this earlier more Anime inspired looking piece!


Even though I'm not much for keeping a journal or blog, I did see this as a great way to showcase my art of the past, present & future, all in one place & it wouldn't have to be series specific! So consider it an ART BLOG, and if you enjoy my art then this is a new place to come and see what I am up to! Please let me know what ya think! I hope to show you art from all facets here, starting with my Masters Of The Universe art that you probably know me for, as well as some other faveorites I might be working on...(like art for Dungeons & Dragons or Devilman.)
This will also be the place where I post some updates on my Masters Of The Universe: Renegade ~ Illustrated Stories, as well as other unseen MOTU/artworks!

I don't know how often this site will be updated, but I'll do my best!
I hope you like my gallery!

So...sit back and enjoy how JafariStew is best served...COLD!

NOTE: The above image created by me is of the classic AD&D
LJN figure... MERCION! (good cleric female - 8.27.06)...
...one of my faveorites!