NEW ADVENTURES OF TEELA Cast ~recolors part 1

MAN-AT-ARMS (New Adventures) Original version ~JODO KAST:

Much like Toy Companies, I like to recolor my product into different versions lol. Here you see the original & 1st color scheme I came up with for my "Master-Of-Arms" character. Loosely based on the classic color 1980's Man At Arms, & more defined in the final coloration by the influence of Hasbro's Star Wars "Jodo Kast" '08 figure.
*This turned out to be the most popular version in a poll on He-Man.Org.

TEELA (New Adventures) ICZER-2 version:

I am an oldskool anime fan, & I can tell you that one of my all-time favorites (as well as the 1st anime video tape I ever bought in the 90's) was the epic sci-fi horror OVA Iczer-One. So when re-designing the New Adventures Of Teela, I automatically thought of the Iczer series' influences on me, & what similarities I could draw from between my design, to fit in with the 80's fantasy theme of NA, as well as the wonderful Barbarella-flavored body suits of the Iczer-1 OVA series. And with a couple alterations I based my 1st recolor on the nemesis character from that anime classic... "Iczer-2."
...As I felt her character color key/design fit best with my creation...

TEELA (New Adventures) 200X MYP version:

This color scheme is based on MOTU Teela's 200X MYP animation colors. It is also very close to her Classic 80's Colors, but I opted for the 200X MYP colors to have her uniform have more variation than white & orange/gold, with things like the teal shoulder pads & green belt. This would be the most representational of what fans would consider a classically themed MOTU Teela.
*This turned out to be BY A LARGE MARGIN the most popular version in a poll on He-Man.Org.


UNLOCKING THE VAULT # 3: MOTU Character Sketches '05 UNCUT!!

SY-KLONE (unfinished WIP):
based on the 200X figure

I thought I would help celebrate the new highly anticipated MOTU CLASSICS this week, by "unlocking" my MOTU 200X vault again to bring my friends here on the art blog some of my never-before-seen "Masters Of The Universe 200X" art work!!
This art dates back to 2004~2005...
Since these have never before been released from my archives to the fan community, all the dirt & flubs are there that I would normally clean, so you can really see my sketching process. Hopefully you will enjoy this installment as much as the my other 2, as they are all direct character sketches used as practice!

HE-MAN (Shield-Strike):
based on the newly-tooled armor 200X figure

based on possibly my favorite figure of the 200X line...
based heavily on the symmetrical look of the 200X figure

based on the 200X figure

TEELA (unfinished WIP - UNCUT):
based on the 200X figure with some anime influence, this figure is censored on the ORG by myself for non-descript nudity to meet the board standards, but the figure was a wip & never got to the "uniformed" stage so you can see the UNCUT drawing here!!

based on the 200X figure

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