D&D ~DDC "Prelude to Rogull - DVD Commemorative Art"

Hi! In order to commemorate the stellar DVD issue of the Classic Dungeons & Dragons cartoon, released today by the fine people at BCI, I did this DDC artwork, showcasing the 6 kids, on a rescue mission to find Uni, who has been kidnapped by the Red Dragon Rogull!!!
Featuring Hank, Presto, Shiela, Bobby, Diana, & Eric, in one of their many battles in the realm, this one is dedicated to all the Dungeons & Dragons Animated Series fans out there, as well as BCI for releasing one of the best series of the 80's on DVD and going above & beyond to make it the best DVD release of the year! And of course to my Family & Friends who will be running out to buy the DVD set with me today as well as my online gang at Helix Town Square, all of you are the best DDC fandom out there!

"...Where are we?"

..."There is NO escape from the Realm of Dungeons & Dragons..."

***Check out my good friend Sealgirl's fantastic page dedicated to the Animated Realm of Dungeons & Dragons! Tons of stuff for DDC fans to have fun for HOURS!!!***