2 minutes w/Photoshop & some X-mas toys...

LOL just having fun with my X-mas toys... thanks to my brothers!


iGear Mini Warriors Digibashes

I created these recolored images earlier this year as possible repaint ideas/suggestions/concepts for Canada's TFCon's "GoBits" exclusive line. I recolored "Dune Raker" (aka Beachcomber) into the Gobot "BuggyMan", and "Veer" (aka Swerve) into the Gobot "Small Foot!"  =) It was fun and allowed me to test out my recolor skills on some product that I love!  Hopefully TFCon will consider these for 2014 or beyond!

I also did this another digibash of iGear's "Dune Raker" as a 3rd Party G.I. Joe homage/crossover with the classic A.W.E. Striker vehicle. Then added some ninja power using 85' Snake Eyes as a secondary... this idea was presented to BigBadToyStore as an concept for a store exclusive!



Some reworked/retweeked & additives for 2 custom CD covers for compilations I made for a recent J-Rock Concert Night.  ;-)


Custom CD Cover "KICK-ASS 2: OST Expanded Edition"

Made a custom cover for my "KA2" 2-CD song collection!!



Two new custom DVD covers for my personal collection!  These two are special as they are sure to be never released gray market titles!  First up we have (MAXX STEELE) "ROBO FORCE: THE REVENGE OF NAZGAR," a 1-time aired somewhat violent special based o the line of 80's toys by Ideal. This one is set up in the "thin case" format.  Next is the Saturday Morning cult classic KIDD VIDEO, (like Robo Force) this is a very hard series to find on the gray market, and it's sure never to be released domestically due to the music rights!  This Cartoon made band was popular enough to have a collectable album released in Israel, powered by that classic Shuki Levi sound!



Some DVD covers for my personal collection that I have been meaning to get to for quite some time...First up is a cover for the David Hamilton (famous British photographer) Film Collection (all 5 of his Films). It is difficult to do this man's work justice without criticism, so I tried to embody tastefulness with the visual cues that make his soft focus photography world renowned... Now all of these films are available on Amazon.com. Second is a collection of HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, SHE-RA PRINCESS OF POWER and THE NEW ADVENTURES OF HE-MAN compilation of lost rarities (commercials, bumpers, story books) etc. that did not make it to official sets.  Special Thanks to my friend Danielle on this one!
*I own none of the images & collected them around the net. For personal use/not for sale.


RAM-MAN recolor for He-Man.Org Redesign Challenge #106

Put a fresh set of classic colors down (& expanded version of the original backer) on my recent Ram-Man design for He-man.Org's Ram-Man redesign challenge. =)


The Pretty Reckless: Blender 2-CD cover

A fan made manipulation that I re-purposed into a CD cover for personal use as a "deep cuts" collection...


I am the featured artist for "Fan Art Of The Week" on He-Man.Org again XD!!

My most recent work is featured starting 6/19/13 on He-Man.Org!  This time my new "Worruck" from my MOTU Origins Art Card series is the headliner!
See the article here:


Masters Of The Universe Origins Art Cards Part 8! (Ralph McQuarrie tribute)

(MCQUARRIE) ROBOT: Ralph McQuarrie (of Star Wars fame) worked briefly on the Masters Of The Universe 1987 MOTU Movie as a character/concept designer. One of the characters he wanted to develop was a little robot for the Heroic Warriors. Gary Goddard (the director) did not like the idea as there was enough cute little robots in film and dismissed the character to be included in the movie. As a BIG Ralph MacQuarrie fan, I found this little guy interesting and saw fit to include him as a tribute to a man who has greatly inspired my art. In this fiction he is Man-At-Arms workshop helper. I spent some time on him as I feel I owe Ralph McQuarrie so much to my imagination, and loved that he had a very small part in MOTU's history, this character seems the type where he can't wait to prove that he is more valuable then as just being an assistant to Man-At -Arms, he is cutting edge technology in this barbaric world! A world that many would find him more fit as a aristocrats play toy to impress their friends rather than a Heroic Warrior! I kept making the joke to my brother's that he was the best character in the story and it's all down hill from here (character-wise). lol  All kidding aside, he was very fun to draw and reminded me (& my brother Brian) of the "Robo Force" line from the 80's. Just something different for the MOTU world, yet still fits right in!

WORRUCK: Another character developed for the MOTU 1987 Movie (not by McQuarrie), Worruck...who never got past the concept stage, but looking like a desert warrior meets an Egyptian mummy, he was just too cool & I had to include him in this series! He looks to be of an evil nature so naturally I have him working with Skeletor (the evil power of that film) as one of his alliances. Worruck rules the Wasteland with his nomads and keeps Skeletor's enemies from crossing the hostile environment!  He abides by Skeletor's rules and does not fuss with anything much outside of his realm, and not many would want to venture there anyway. He figures it keeps him in a good position with the possible future "Master Of The Universe" while doing the bare minimum to stay in the demon king's graces.  Just my fanboy thoughts on the character...lol


Masters Of The Universe Origins Art Cards Part 7!

: Based on his concept design shown in Mattel's "The Art Of MOTU" (sold at SDCC a couple years back), & colored like the 8-Back card art! In this story he is more like the guardian at the gates of Monarch City, large & imposing!  He is bound by duty but wishes for more.  It's interesting to see Ram-Man with a slightly more executioner look (despite the bright colors) he has always been a force to be reckoned with so now imagine him without the "softer" side... he might be one of the most formidable of the heroic warriors!

CHOPPER (aka JITSU): Inspired by the Jitsu prototype from the 80's (which had monster feet, golden teeth & Tri-Klops' sword), & loosely based on the UK comic colors for his upper torso! In this story Jitsu is cursed for wearing the "dark glove," a tainted object, and it has made him filled with rage as he can no longer remove it, and he is getting more monstrous from it's unholy powers as time goes on. He carries the emerald sword, which some day Tri-Klops will best him for.  He just wants his madness to end and wishes he never laid eyes on the glove that has now imprisoned his mind as he grows weary of his wretched existence!

HEROINE: This character was seen as a possible early version for Teela in Tomart's guide showing MOTU concepts years ago. She was riding a unicorn (who in this tale is named "Charger" after Teela's unicorn in the mini comics). Teela looks up to Heroine as a role model, she is a traveling Paladin from Monarch who goes from city to village all over Eternia with her guard to try and help the downtrodden. She is very good at what she does and serves as a peacekeeper and figurehead for Monarch, bringing hope & kindness... and beloved by all. When Heroine meets her fate she will pass along Charger to Teela who she views as a younger sister.  This color palette was inspired a bit by the look on a recent take of Snow White...


I get "Fan Art Of The Week" On He-Man.Org on 5/24/13

My 2006 fan art work of the 200X (un-helmeted) Evil-Lyn recieved "Fan Art Of The Week" on He-Man.Org!  See the article below...


Arcanepunk MOTU

Created for He-Man.Org's "Redesign Challenge #105: Teela!"  I based my design on one of the Teela movie concepts from Mattel's SDCC "The Art Of MOTU" art book released in 2009. I always liked the small concept drawing of Teela in "The Future" section. She & her companions concepts invoke a stylistic combo of sci-fi, fantasy, steampunk, cyberpunk, & a hint of Masmune Shirow. lol  That kind of mix of fantasy & sci-fi is often referred to as "Arcanepunk," so that's what I named this version of Teela. I might continue with the ideas presented in that book at a later time & make an "Arcanepunk" art card series based on those unused Movie concepts after I complete my other MOTU projects. I have been waiting for this redesign challenge as it gave me a good reason to finally draw that updated version of Teela based on that book's loose monochromatic art. I hope you like it!


Scout Note Pad

Just some fun with photoshop featuring one of my fave scream queens Scout Taylor Compton.  Wanted to make a photo look like a 80's style woodcut print on some toothy paper. lol


Masters Of The Universe Art Cards Part 6!

TORNADO (aka SY-KLONE): Based on 1 of Sy-Klone's early drafts in the P&HF Vol.1 art book as well as his appearance in the mini-comic "Spikor Strikes!" "Tornado" was one of Sy-Klone's early working names. I decided to make Tornado darker because I wanted him to be like a storm. Dark, cold, & gloomy. Also as a cyborg almost to have a painted-metal-type feel. The club is based on the one that Sy-Klone takes from Spikor in the mini-comic "Spikor Strikes!" I wanted him to have a more aggressive weapon in this series rather than his trade mark shield & this seemed to be the right fit! He was originally planned for later in the series but I bumped him up to now!

SOLARA: Thinking outside of the box & into MOTU inspired lines comes SOLARA from the unproduced "Wonder Woman & Th Star Riders" line. This line was meant to compete with Sailor Moon in the 90's, & was even going to use some POP accessories & steeds. It's loose ties to POP & interesting characters led me to include the fiery Solara in my Origins Art Cards collection!  Originally I was going to do "Ice" in this series, but figured with "Frosta" already being a true MOTU character I would change that idea. "Solara" is a little more unique for MOTU as she is a fire girl & there is no true designated heroic fire girl in MOTU. Plus she is Latina, which I though helped to add some diversity to the line. The original character from Mattel was so pink that when I started coloring her it was like...pink overkill & I need to diversify the colors some more, yet still keep it to the original designs intentions. She was also planned for much later the line but I decided to include her now!  She has a fire wand based loosely on Hebrew elemental cultures.

PRINCE IZOR: A very obscure character that was uniquely created for the bootleg MOTU Modeltrem line, Prince Izor was also planned for late in this series but I decided to include him now after my friend Ricardo posted some great photos of the original figure!  It is unknown whether this character was good or evil in the Modeltrem line, but some fans like to think of him as evil because the Modeltrem line is so heavily packed with Heroic characters. In this case since his allegiance is unknown I decided to make him on a neutral alliance colored card.  My friend Rory made a comparison of him to Sean Connery (aka Zardoz) which I liked, as I wanted to give him a slightly more rugged yet distinguished appeal & thought it was a great comparison! Like Gorgone, it's great to represent the Brazilian influence on MOTU over the years!


100th POST!! Masters Of The Universe Origin Art Cards Part 5

2013 and another year of Jafaristew!!
Kicking it off with my MOTU Origin Art Card Series... with 2 more entries!!

GORGONE: When I 1st decided to make this into a full series, Gorgone was the 1st character I added outside of the Whitman Origin, as she is a wonderful titan created in the Brazilian comics that I could not resist!She looks like Medusa but is made of rock & is a giant, hence the comparison to the shadow-man figure on the bottom.  She carries a pterodactyl wing as her weapon (colored purple like the creatures in MOTU 200X) which the design was borrowed from the "Stone Age Dinosaurs" line by Chap-Mei. I had her break the frame so she seemed larger than life!


AVATAR (aka STRATOS): Mostly Alfredo Alcala influenced, I also included a tribute to the 80's rare blue-beard variant, as well as my own ideas about the character. I made him a bit more Bird-like with the claws & talons.  He is one of Skeletor's minions in this story, following some of the earliest published works about the character! Stratos never came with a weapon back in the day (or even today) although he was often pictured in promotional work for the line carrying the He-Man power sword, so I included a cool sword from one of those 80's generic weapons packs called "Dragons Knights & Daggers" I had as a kid. "Avatar" was noted to be an early name for Stratos along with "Wing-Man."