In December of 2005, much to my surprise, I was asked to work on the illustrated fanfic that was currently running called MOTU: NEW LEGACY. What was surprising about this was at the time I only had 1 MOTU art posts at the time (Teela +Battlecat)!!! Impressed with this image the w40 asked me to do 3 images. The characters and basic scene where set for me, and then I ran with the art!
The art was placed in the chapter: New Legacy 1.5 - "The Horde: Part Two"...
The "New Legacy" series has finished now & is probably one of the best fan made story continuums to date. A lot of wonderful artists & writers worked on it, and I think it gave me a lot of early recognition on the boards right from the start! I thank the w40 for the opportunity!

This 1st image (in presntation only-order of creation is reversed) is by far the most popular and the original art, & has been requested for sale. One of my most USA comic inspired & heaviest inked pieces, GRIZZLOR vs. BUZZ-OFF remians a fan-faveorite today. The gigantic HORDE Huntsman GRIZZLOR leads a HORDE army to the hive of Andreenos and and wrecks the place! BUZZ-OFF one of the Heroic Masters & 2nd only to the the Andreenos Queen fends for his life as GRIZZLOR snatches his mighty axe (for his weapons collection) and prepares to push him through one of the connecting hyve's formations! This piece was worked on before the GRIZZLOR staction was released, but COLORED when I recieved the staction for X-mas! BUZZ-OFF is worked on directly from the figure and features his helmet that was never shown in the animated series. Thanks to my brother "Stonedar/Brian" for all his advice with these pieces, especially #2 & #3!

The next piece features Battle Sound (silver) HE-MAN locked up in the HORDE prisons by his twin sister ADORA when she was force captain of the HORDE. Battle Sound (silver) HE-MAN is taken from the toy, & ADORA is a updated design by "Sha" in my own personal style. I wanted the chains appear strong enough to hold He-Man and the walls to appear "alive" like he was locked in the belly of a monster! Adora has been complimented on being beautiful by fans...

The final piece is a battle between TEELA & MANTENNA, FISTO & LEECH. Fighting in Sub-ternia, TEELA & FISTO'S deigns are from the 200X figures, MANTEENA from promo pics of the Staction, and LEECH was done from the 200X animated series images only! The piece was to invoke desperation between the Masters versus the new villians and has a underlying feature of father & daughter (unknown to the Masters themselves) battleing alongside each other!...

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