Top Secret #2 ~STINKOR vs. TEELA

Smell what's in JafariStew's kitchen??? P-U!! just like the joke... it STINKS!!
ahh... I never get tired of lame stink jokes...LOL!!

Here's 2 MOTU favorites of mine, battling in the courtyards of the Royal Palace...
This was the 1st image requested for a "top secret project" on He-Man.Org. This request was for artwork of STINKOR vs. TEELA. The premise was for Stinkor to be winning in the image by restrainig Teela with a weapon @ the Royal Palace, instead I took some artistic liberty & made it more befitting of the character. Here we have STINKOR (1 of my group of friend's legendary mascots) using his "STINK" to floor TEELA instead, & thus made it more of a tribute to "The Stench Of Evil" oldskool mini-comic!! This picture was worked on in several steps over a period of weeks, by originally drawing the 2 characters, layering in the stink, & then some manipulation on the bkgd. I'm pleased with the result as I think it's a befitting tribute, & still different from the original that featured Stinkor & He-man. STINKOR is based on the 4H Staction, & TEELA the 4H Micro-bust.

This will most likely conclude my exclusive MOTU 200X art ;_; as my future MOTU art works will be based on the upcoming NEW adult collector's line "Masters Of The Universe Classics!!" ...starting in Fall 2008 ...sure to be a hit, & the new current favorite of Masters fans worldwide... ^_- stay tooned...


NYCC 2008 photo ...NEW! MOTU CLASSICS King Grayskull!!

Looks like my brother & I made the front page of He-Man.Org with our pictures of the exclusive King Grayskull from the new Masters of The Universe Classics line!!...
A proud day for us both!!
Photos by Chris & Randy Para: http://www.he-man.org/ (April 22nd update)