Masters Of The Universe Art Cards Part 6!

TORNADO (aka SY-KLONE): Based on 1 of Sy-Klone's early drafts in the P&HF Vol.1 art book as well as his appearance in the mini-comic "Spikor Strikes!" "Tornado" was one of Sy-Klone's early working names. I decided to make Tornado darker because I wanted him to be like a storm. Dark, cold, & gloomy. Also as a cyborg almost to have a painted-metal-type feel. The club is based on the one that Sy-Klone takes from Spikor in the mini-comic "Spikor Strikes!" I wanted him to have a more aggressive weapon in this series rather than his trade mark shield & this seemed to be the right fit! He was originally planned for later in the series but I bumped him up to now!

SOLARA: Thinking outside of the box & into MOTU inspired lines comes SOLARA from the unproduced "Wonder Woman & Th Star Riders" line. This line was meant to compete with Sailor Moon in the 90's, & was even going to use some POP accessories & steeds. It's loose ties to POP & interesting characters led me to include the fiery Solara in my Origins Art Cards collection!  Originally I was going to do "Ice" in this series, but figured with "Frosta" already being a true MOTU character I would change that idea. "Solara" is a little more unique for MOTU as she is a fire girl & there is no true designated heroic fire girl in MOTU. Plus she is Latina, which I though helped to add some diversity to the line. The original character from Mattel was so pink that when I started coloring her it was like...pink overkill & I need to diversify the colors some more, yet still keep it to the original designs intentions. She was also planned for much later the line but I decided to include her now!  She has a fire wand based loosely on Hebrew elemental cultures.

PRINCE IZOR: A very obscure character that was uniquely created for the bootleg MOTU Modeltrem line, Prince Izor was also planned for late in this series but I decided to include him now after my friend Ricardo posted some great photos of the original figure!  It is unknown whether this character was good or evil in the Modeltrem line, but some fans like to think of him as evil because the Modeltrem line is so heavily packed with Heroic characters. In this case since his allegiance is unknown I decided to make him on a neutral alliance colored card.  My friend Rory made a comparison of him to Sean Connery (aka Zardoz) which I liked, as I wanted to give him a slightly more rugged yet distinguished appeal & thought it was a great comparison! Like Gorgone, it's great to represent the Brazilian influence on MOTU over the years!

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