100th POST!! Masters Of The Universe Origin Art Cards Part 5

2013 and another year of Jafaristew!!
Kicking it off with my MOTU Origin Art Card Series... with 2 more entries!!

GORGONE: When I 1st decided to make this into a full series, Gorgone was the 1st character I added outside of the Whitman Origin, as she is a wonderful titan created in the Brazilian comics that I could not resist!She looks like Medusa but is made of rock & is a giant, hence the comparison to the shadow-man figure on the bottom.  She carries a pterodactyl wing as her weapon (colored purple like the creatures in MOTU 200X) which the design was borrowed from the "Stone Age Dinosaurs" line by Chap-Mei. I had her break the frame so she seemed larger than life!


AVATAR (aka STRATOS): Mostly Alfredo Alcala influenced, I also included a tribute to the 80's rare blue-beard variant, as well as my own ideas about the character. I made him a bit more Bird-like with the claws & talons.  He is one of Skeletor's minions in this story, following some of the earliest published works about the character! Stratos never came with a weapon back in the day (or even today) although he was often pictured in promotional work for the line carrying the He-Man power sword, so I included a cool sword from one of those 80's generic weapons packs called "Dragons Knights & Daggers" I had as a kid. "Avatar" was noted to be an early name for Stratos along with "Wing-Man."

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