Masters Of The Universe Origins Art Cards Part 7!

: Based on his concept design shown in Mattel's "The Art Of MOTU" (sold at SDCC a couple years back), & colored like the 8-Back card art! In this story he is more like the guardian at the gates of Monarch City, large & imposing!  He is bound by duty but wishes for more.  It's interesting to see Ram-Man with a slightly more executioner look (despite the bright colors) he has always been a force to be reckoned with so now imagine him without the "softer" side... he might be one of the most formidable of the heroic warriors!

CHOPPER (aka JITSU): Inspired by the Jitsu prototype from the 80's (which had monster feet, golden teeth & Tri-Klops' sword), & loosely based on the UK comic colors for his upper torso! In this story Jitsu is cursed for wearing the "dark glove," a tainted object, and it has made him filled with rage as he can no longer remove it, and he is getting more monstrous from it's unholy powers as time goes on. He carries the emerald sword, which some day Tri-Klops will best him for.  He just wants his madness to end and wishes he never laid eyes on the glove that has now imprisoned his mind as he grows weary of his wretched existence!

HEROINE: This character was seen as a possible early version for Teela in Tomart's guide showing MOTU concepts years ago. She was riding a unicorn (who in this tale is named "Charger" after Teela's unicorn in the mini comics). Teela looks up to Heroine as a role model, she is a traveling Paladin from Monarch who goes from city to village all over Eternia with her guard to try and help the downtrodden. She is very good at what she does and serves as a peacekeeper and figurehead for Monarch, bringing hope & kindness... and beloved by all. When Heroine meets her fate she will pass along Charger to Teela who she views as a younger sister.  This color palette was inspired a bit by the look on a recent take of Snow White...

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