Masters Of The Universe Origins Art Cards Part 8! (Ralph McQuarrie tribute)

(MCQUARRIE) ROBOT: Ralph McQuarrie (of Star Wars fame) worked briefly on the Masters Of The Universe 1987 MOTU Movie as a character/concept designer. One of the characters he wanted to develop was a little robot for the Heroic Warriors. Gary Goddard (the director) did not like the idea as there was enough cute little robots in film and dismissed the character to be included in the movie. As a BIG Ralph MacQuarrie fan, I found this little guy interesting and saw fit to include him as a tribute to a man who has greatly inspired my art. In this fiction he is Man-At-Arms workshop helper. I spent some time on him as I feel I owe Ralph McQuarrie so much to my imagination, and loved that he had a very small part in MOTU's history, this character seems the type where he can't wait to prove that he is more valuable then as just being an assistant to Man-At -Arms, he is cutting edge technology in this barbaric world! A world that many would find him more fit as a aristocrats play toy to impress their friends rather than a Heroic Warrior! I kept making the joke to my brother's that he was the best character in the story and it's all down hill from here (character-wise). lol  All kidding aside, he was very fun to draw and reminded me (& my brother Brian) of the "Robo Force" line from the 80's. Just something different for the MOTU world, yet still fits right in!

WORRUCK: Another character developed for the MOTU 1987 Movie (not by McQuarrie), Worruck...who never got past the concept stage, but looking like a desert warrior meets an Egyptian mummy, he was just too cool & I had to include him in this series! He looks to be of an evil nature so naturally I have him working with Skeletor (the evil power of that film) as one of his alliances. Worruck rules the Wasteland with his nomads and keeps Skeletor's enemies from crossing the hostile environment!  He abides by Skeletor's rules and does not fuss with anything much outside of his realm, and not many would want to venture there anyway. He figures it keeps him in a good position with the possible future "Master Of The Universe" while doing the bare minimum to stay in the demon king's graces.  Just my fanboy thoughts on the character...lol

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