iGear Mini Warriors Digibashes

I created these recolored images earlier this year as possible repaint ideas/suggestions/concepts for Canada's TFCon's "GoBits" exclusive line. I recolored "Dune Raker" (aka Beachcomber) into the Gobot "BuggyMan", and "Veer" (aka Swerve) into the Gobot "Small Foot!"  =) It was fun and allowed me to test out my recolor skills on some product that I love!  Hopefully TFCon will consider these for 2014 or beyond!

I also did this another digibash of iGear's "Dune Raker" as a 3rd Party G.I. Joe homage/crossover with the classic A.W.E. Striker vehicle. Then added some ninja power using 85' Snake Eyes as a secondary... this idea was presented to BigBadToyStore as an concept for a store exclusive!

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