CUSTOM DVD covers (layout design) PART 3

Here is some more fun work that I have done for my custom DVD covers... these have met with rave reviews from my friends, & next up is just perfect for the Halloween season, a favorite of mine from the late 90's... "Extreme Ghostbusters!!"

I'm using existing images & picking out text, color, design elements, etc. to show my graphic design skills... This is the latest example created for my DVD animation complete collection series.


  1. "Important safety tip. Thanks, Egon!"
    Great work! Keep it up! Any hints as to the next DVD cover you have planned?

  2. Thanks buddy!! EXTREME GHOSTBUSTERS was a great & underrated series!

    Coming up next for DVD covers is the animated series "Cybersix" for November, followed by a Claudia Jennings Cult Classic "Unholy Rollers" (for my new custom paracinema line)for December...

    In 2011 expect more hand-drawn art, as I have been thinking about doing more updates to classic cartoons & cult movies in my own style... stay tuned!!