SNAKE EYES (Rescue Mission) WIP

Welcome to JafariStew's Art Blog in 2010!!

I am celebrating my 4TH year with this blog!! >_<
And want to thank all the friends & fans who regularly visit, it's what makes the blog a great experience for me & I appreciate your feedback!!

...2010 promises to be another exciting expression of my art as I have many new (& classic) things planned. I'll be doing more fan-favorites like MOTU & GI Joe, but also have some other stuff planned like character designs for some of my favorite oldskool drive-in style movies. We'll also be taking a look into my artistic past, present, & future with some new art installments I hope we will all enjoy. I plan a big year & will always have something new again each month in 2010.

<---- Starting off we have a rough sketch of the Target exclusive "Rescue Mission Snake Eyes", drawn in late 2010, this was one of my 1st character models made from the last quarter figures released to warm up my skills for an upcoming wallpaper I have planned for GI Joe good guys. Here you can see the general looseness of my sketching process as will as how I start my work (with blue non-photo line art) as I usually go through a couple of these roughs before making a final. This would be a "stage 1" drawing as it's a static warm-up, & most likely not an end pose for the final.

I look forward to the year ahead & hope you are too...


  1. Oh sweet! Will we get to see the other stages of this drawing's development?

  2. Thanks buddy!! There is always the possibility of showing the stages before the final. Since you requested as much I will keep it in mind!!

  3. I'm interested in the creative process as well as the final product, that's all. If you want to shed a little light on the steps you take to bring us your art, I won't object!

  4. Anonymous7:31 PM

    I'm a fan of the old GI Joe, like your design, but what about putting boots "tabi" in the Snake-Eyes? Please make a version of Storm Shadow as a model by using the character Grey Fox "metal gear solid," ie, with clothes clinging, muscling in evidence, as if wearing a vest estivese rubber, and also with the original ninja mask the design of the 80s. You can use as a model, too, Ryu Hayabusa the game "Ninja Gaiden".
    A fan of his art in Brazil.