DELORA: MOTU Redesign Challenge #96

This art was created for the near monthly MOTU Fan-Challenges on He-Man.Org.
This time, it's based on Stratos' wife Delora. She has 2 very distinct looks in the comics & cartoon, one is a Female Bird Warrior (much like Stratos minus the fur), & the other is of a Village Commoner.

This particular challenge had a great fan turn-out & was one that I have been waiting for!!

It's funny... I had Delora planned for some time in my head (as she has been rumored to be an upcoming challenge), & at 1st she was going to be more of a faux-plant person, but then I decided on the Native American/Villager ala mini-comic take. I messed around with a green or red outfit for a while, but settled on the red of the mini-comics...
I figure the MOTU character "Hawk" was the female-bird warrior in 200X, so in my Universe, I wanted Delora to be something different. More of a native who used to fight with the Avions, using their feathers in their gear as trophies until her people were mostly obliterated by the Great Unrest & Stratos & her fell in love, despite their previous differences, etc. etc... Her weapons are based on real world Camanche style stuff, & the rest is a bit mini-comic, unintentional 不知火 舞 design (after the colors dropped), & the girl from the bowling alley LOL!!

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