BIONIC SIX DVD COVER wip sneak-peak!!

One of my custom DVD covers I am currently working on is for one of my favorite 80's animated series "Bionic Six." Using my own scans from the Bionic Six "Super Picture Book", I noticed that the one for Helen (aka Mother-1) was not done by the original character designer Mike Vosburg, but was instead done by the sp book illustrator Vince Perez. To make the character designs consistent w/Vosburg's work for my wip dvd cover I used his original head shots, & digitally edited Perez's work (along with my own digital cleanup & redraw) & got what you see below.
3 artists, 1 image...

*** The full wrap around will be revealed later this year!!


  1. Heh heh, I like how your version looks like she's angry at her past version!