COLORS: "The Saga Of Crystar"

Sometimes I just like to color.  Simple, clean, fun.  So I flat colored this old (1982-83) Marvel ad for "Crystar: The Crystal Warrior."  This ad was only ever black & white, so adding colors to it for the first time added an extra level of interpretation, as some more decisions had to be made than the norm.  This ad looks as though it was what the toy company Remco used for it's basis for some of  the Crystar toyline, (as well as an early interpretation of the final painted cover of comic issue #1.)  I hope to do my own take on the Crystar Universe sometime, and have already started on some aspects of that. ;)  Unfortunately the Marvel pencil/ink artist(s) are not credited on this art, but colors by me.

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  1. NICE! saw the black in white version yesterday but this color version looks fantastic. i recently did some Crystar envelope art you might like http://romspaceknightart.blogspot.com/