SUCKER PUNCH by Nadzomi Viro...colors by ME!

When I went to see the film "Sucker Punch" in the theaters back in 2011, I saw a truncated version of the film, sliced for a PG-13 rating.  Needless to say it did not live up to expectations.  In 2014, I finally bought the "Extended Edition" BD from the value bin @ Walmart because even though the movie was not a hit with me, the design work was.  Months later I decided to rewatch the movie in this new presentation & was completely blown away by what an extra 20-or-so minutes (an R rating) and a clear mind could do.  The visuals, music, story, all seemed to impress me for this 2nd remixed viewing and thus Sucker Punch has become a favorite and a cult classic for me... so much so that I wanted to revisit the film artistically in some form...
 Nadzomi Viro is a talented artist that resides in Russia whom I admire and greatly enjoy her work on deviantart.  This modern  manga style version of "Sucker Punch" was just what I was looking for to color after my new found appreciation for the film.  Beautiful illustration by Nadzomi, some additional lines, colors, and words by me. 

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