Guest Artist: Eric Marshall with art of a Jafaristew created character

 If you are a member of the MOTU fanart community,then you are very familiar with the stellar art of Eric Marshall (aka gbagok on He-Man.org) who has been doing 200X MYP Animation style art & bios for years now, and is actually on his 44th series (at the time of this writing w/characters that are in the 100’s) of capturing every character from every source of Masters Of The Universe in the  fan art forums into 1 continuum.  It is probably the most impressive art thread/project on He-Man.Org period, for the sheer volume of art & story that he has dedicated himself to.  Earlier this year he started adding fan characters from around the forum into his expansive universe, and in his 4th series of Fan Characters he did one that I created for the Gy-gor fan art challenge named “Faw-Sil.”  It’s a  very cool tribute and even adapted many aspects of my bio for her into his own  fan-verse.
Thanks Eric, I love how she turned out!
My original can be found here:

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