PART II of the Kabuto Mushi art card series!!

TOKETSU: The mighty Beetorian of the cold north, brother of Shigaisen, & ally of Kabuto Mushi. Toketsu has led a heroic life, he has worked hard, demonstrated patience, and has gained respect in leadership within his colony. Living on Mount Fuji he has seen many battles due to the military advantage point of that location. Toketsu has made many wise choices & allies to get to his rank & standing, all at his brother Shigaisen's dismay, as Shigaisen can't understand why he has not had the same success, as he considers them brotherly equals, but Shigaisen does not care for virtue, nor trust, nor does he value life, the opposite of Toketsu's personal and military strategies. Toketsu's hard shell can handle the most extreme temperatures of cold, & he is as handy with a blade as he is a blaster. He displays himself in the "Tall Samurai" form, one of the highest ranking forms for a Beetorian & usually only used for a commander or leadership form within the Beetorian race.

SHIGAISEN: Toketsu's jealous sibling has nothing but contempt for his brother & the Bettorian Corps cause. Although cunning & bright, he acts the fool as Onikisu's right hand man. Seeing as Onikisu is a famous Gladiator, just by being seen with him, Shigaisen believes he is equally as famous, a plea to match his brother's worth in Beetorian eyes. He fights with a ferocity and has no mercy. His weapon of choice is a Empyrean hook that he finds can easily crack the shells of his Beetorian enemies. Shigaisen has been gifted with extreme type of fast fwd vision, where he can see & intercept motions before they happen by the energy that an opponent emits, this gives him a distinct advantage over his enemies, and why Onikisu uses his gift in interpreting their battles with telepathic communication. His chosen form is considered a mockery of the similar samurai forms, as it is a twisted take on a respected look, by inverting his body and wearing the most savage head display.

*I equip most of my Mushi with Spy Monkey weapons, and couldn't resist including the red hook I gave the Metallic Purple Mushi for my art cards (the red is like a perfect match!)

GAIJIN KUROKAMI: In the future, the young human girl known by the Beetorian's as Kurokami (Japanese for black hair) was once a USA historian fluent in Japanese & teaching English in Japan under the JET prgramme. When on a field trip to a research lab on Mount Fuji, the increasing changes in climate over the decades eventually caused a violent eruption, forcing the lab facility occupants to take shelter. A brave Japanese lab tech, who felt that a foreigner should not die away from home, pushed "Kurokami" into one of the state-of-the-art life support systems on the lab site. The lab was covered in molten rock and debris from the eruption, but the 6 pods survived intact within the underground chamber in a form of suspended animation. After countless years of evolution, a battle with the Beetorian corps unearthed the lab, and the battle destroyed all of the pods accidentally except for Kurokami's. Feeling a sense of duty to all life, Kabuto Mushi managed to save Kurokami's suspended body from the wreckage and she was brought back to health within the Colony, although with amnesia. She can remember history & events but not her personal information or past life. Kabuto Mushi decided that she was a valuable asset as a historian of what-was-then-Earth (to educate the Beetorians about human's mistakes) & a friend. Many do not feel the same way about the Gaijin (outsider) & Aka Sasori has often made boasts of having her as a meal & often refers to her as Yochu (larva) or Ujimushi (maggot). She still wears her (now more fitted & customized) suit from her life support unit, (which is almost insectoid-like in appearance, an endearing trait to Kabuto Mushi himself) & although their is plenty of oxygen, it is more to shield her from (at times) the unstable climate. She has heard whispers that some humans still exist but they are no where to be found on land, and hopes that one day she reunite with them & bridge the race of heroic Beetorians and existing humans together peacefully.

*Kurokami is a character I made myself to demonstrate the human element to the chaotic world of Kabuto Mushi, she would serve as our view into the hostile world of Sectivorus.
I don't plan on adding many fan-made characters, but would like to someday include the 80's cult line "Bugmen Of Insecta" toy characters that I will eventually recreate using the KMMKII parts!


MINI MUSHI: Mini Mushi's are the workers of Beetorian society. A subspecies of Beetorians, they do not grow as large or as complex, and they have only a single display form. Like Beetorians the majority of the race is male, with females being uncommon, & more protected due to their rarity. All of the day-to-day tasks from food gathering to building, to 1st line of defense are a part of the Mini Mushi's role in Beetorian Colonies. At least 1 Mini Mushi shares a Telebond with a matching color Beetorian, due to this phenomenon, a Beetorian can Telebond communications with their sidekick Mini Mushi who can communicate telepathically with other Mini Mushi's of the same color division and they will act as a single unit under the Telebonded lead Beetorian's command. A "Swarm" of Mini Mushi is considered 4 or more, and they are fully capable of taking down a unseasoned Beetorian in a fight, acting as a single minded unit. Although smaller than humans, enemy Mini Mushi swarms are the main reason that what remains of humanity has moved underground and no longer can inhabit the topside of the earth.

I hope you enjoyed our second visit to my Kabuto Mushi Fan-Verse!!

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