KABUTO MUSHI (~my fanon)

I have been very enthusiastic about the wonderful Kabuto Mushi series that Marty Hansen has brought to Glyos fans in 2014, & have been creating my own characters from each release...
Marty has created the naming of the series Kabuto Mushi, Beetorians, Sectivorus and some of the other ideas that my own have spun off of, I have named the individual characters (besides Kabuto Mushi) and came up with some ideas about them.
I envision my own "fanon" alternate universe for KMMII as an animated series, & have done fan art cards to share these character ideas for KMMII w/the Glyos fan community...

KABUTO MUSHI: The Hero of our tale, a powerful warrior, a born leader, & diplomat who has made many sacrifices to keep the Beetorians a free & powerful race in a hostile world brimming & overgrown with mutated insect life. He is very strong, skilled with weapons, & has a deep sense of honor & loyalty. He believes in the classic Beetorian ways that have been handed down thru the ages & is the 2nd to call himself "Kabuto Mushi." He is both kind, intelligent, & respected by friend & foe alike. He and his "Beetorian Corps" are the peacekeepers of the planet. His body is in the "samurai" configuration, a form that is earned & the highest ranked visual display among civilized Beetorians.

RIBSASU: Kabuto Mushi's right hand Beetorian Corp member & confidant, he acts as a scout, decoy, & body guard. Although good-natured he can be hot tempered at times, yet always remembers his true cause & honor. He is a trustworthy long-time friend that is fiercely loyal to Kabuto Mushi. He takes risks & his courage knows no bounds. He has chosen a more mechanized configuration, but due to his smaller stature in this form, many underestimate his actual power & skill.

AKA SASORI: The mighty Red Scorpion General, considered a extremist upstart & villain by many in the Beetorian race. Aka Sasori believes that a new world order is at hand, and is taking his armies and invading colonies, tribes, and hives to gather more support & supplies by force and suppress, imprison, or destroy those who do not share his vision. He believes that the home world is in danger, and that alien beings are planning an ultimate invasion(s), and wants to unite the Beetorians into a strong military force to defend their home from interstellar attacks, but many believe that his unjust tactics are more of a quest for absolute power hidden by his alien agenda as a guise. His configuration represents what he sees as the most powerful form for an individual Beetorian, & he is at odds with Kabuto Mushi.

SUTERUSU: A fierce and powerful warrior, he possess the unique ability to become nearly invisible due to his stealth-like biology. Many have theorized that he is a product (or fluke) of the Red Scorpion General's military scientists, as his ability has not been seen in any other Beetorian's (other than his Mini Mushi sidekick). Although he stands with a usually quiet & collected demeanor he will strike viciously at any moment & many question his actual sanity. His deep voice and unsettling presence are unmistakable to his allies but are often unnoticed by his (fallen) foes. His configuration is quite large by individual Beetorian standards and can be intimidating to even the most experienced warriors when his faint outline is actually seen.

So my version of Sectivorus is an alternate or futurish state of Earth that has been transformed due to global warming, severe storms, wild fires, oxygen levels rising, & the bird population being destroyed. It is now inhabited by the evolution of insects into the giant KMMII (a insect hybrid w/transformable exoskeletons) which have replaced humanity (who's survivors are now living underground/or are in hidden stasis due to the harsh state of the world) & the start point of the story would be what is formally Japan, but would eventually expand to include alien worlds. The KMMII have societies/hierarchy, alliances, communication, do battle, and will be fighting other visitors from the Glyos system.  It's all pretty geeky but I like the figures and want an expanded story for them lol.

The art is drawn from my collection & the configurations that I make from the ideas presented on the boards & official media with the colors I like in those configurations. The backing art is inspired by the 80's toy line "BugMen of Insecta" card packaging.

If the community likes this series I will continue to do more art cards. Thanks!

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