BEAST RAIDER volume 2!!

Continuing with more BEAT RAIDERS animation style art!!

The character "MYST" is loosely based (with an original name as the actual figure has none) on a figure from the"BEAST RAIDERS" repaint line "WITCHCRAFT KNIGHT." And I mean loosely based, as the figure that this design is created from appears to be budgeted with a lack of paint, so much so that she seems to not even be wearing anything below her waist!! lol ...so some artistic liberty was taken on this one. lol

In the 1st installment both "THUNDERTHOR" & "BLADEKILLER" were originally for the BEAST RAIDERS line, while TRI-TREMIS here first appeared in WIZARD'S RULE range & was later repackaged for "BEAST RAIDERS." He reminds me a bit of King Hiss from MOTU.

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