2011 Another Year Of JAFARISTEW !! (Concept Zarana sketch)!!

We are starting our 5TH year here at JafariStew's artblog... & still going strong!! Hopefully we will have some fun surprises planned for the year with plenty of new art, as I am hoping to bring more hand drawn GI Joe & MOTU art as well as art based on Drive-In Movies & Classic Cartoons... as well as more graphic design w/CD & DVD covers...

FIRST UP, this is a FAST sketch based on a Concept GI Joe Dreadnok "Zarana" figure that was shown to me & other guests @ JoeCon 2010 on Hasbro's Tour, very few got to see the figure in person, so I did this rough sketch for HISSTANK to show this somewhat "Appleseed" inspired interpretation! The figure was beautiful & this sketch can only give a faint idea of the actual unreleased product!

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  1. Your FIFTH year?! Holy crap, congratulations! Great work, and keep 'em coming!