I like to update my GI Joe HissTank website Avy every few months, & I'm starting off the 2011 year with the controversial Reso/ROC charater "Dial Tone!!" Portrayed as the original DT's sister (Jack & Jill), she's crept into most modern GI Joe media... & even though she's not "new-new" as with most of my Joe avy's in toy form, I felt she was worth her due in my avy catalog as I liked this new female character for Joe a lot & used the figure (rather than the comic or animation models) for reference. Based on a friend (Tabitha), with & without glasses, & several digital camo apps, I went with a homemade camo app as I thought it looked the best & most like the figure. I also screen-lined her so it looks like she's doing her job as a tech & is on your viewing screen. I had a lot of fun with this one!

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