SCARLETT (QUARREL) Avatar remake

This is my 4th remake of my infamous "Scarlett" avatar that I use on the GI Joe boards!! I keep updating the avatar's original image to reflect repaints/retools of Scarlett that are currently available in the modern GI Joe line. This time I not only had to change the uniform color, but also make new hair for her, & decided to also update her mouth to be an open smile. This current incarnation is actually based on an unreleased prototype that I got my hands on from a Ebay seller in China. Not knowing what her release status is, I just had to get her when she went up fpr auction!! Most likely this figure will show up as a '09 Joe-con exclusive. The colors are wicked & makes the "Pilot Scarlett" upgrade a little more real-world military... This deco homage represents her in the UK "Action Force" colors that were placed on her original '82 figure back in the 80's... she also had new blond hair, + a new personality/identity, & was given the codename "Quarrel."
I was one of the 1st to receive this figure in the US, so I also decided to take some photos of her, as well as write a full online review of the figure (for those interested)... It is available on the HISS Tank's website review section located here:
"QUARREL~SCARLETT in hand pics + review"
It's cool for me to have an actual "test-Shot" of one of my favorites, & if for any reas
on this figure does not get a domestic release, she could quickly become one of the highlights of my collection.
*The photos shown above & below are some of my shots of the actual figure from the review:


  1. I love the Quarrel drawing, but I'm going to miss the "I'M A PILOT NOW!" one!

    Great photos of the figure and review, by the way.

  2. I've been waiting for your update!

    Do you have a gallery of all these in HQ?

  3. Thanks guys. Ambrose this is my current gallery for now. I may upload these to Deviantart at some time, but the quality will most likely remain the same.
    Thank you both so much for visiting!!