Created for the MOTU Redesign Challenge # 90 is my version of the Filmation "Princess Of Power" character "Hunt-Ara." Originally modeled after Grace Jones (of Conan the Destroyer fame) Hunt-Ara shows up in a 1st season latter episode of "She-Ra'. With an unusual voice & purple skin (originally supposed to be "African" according to the creators notes), Hunt-Ara is a outlander hero hired by Hordak to capture She-Ra after his minions have failed so many times. Hunt-Ara does not know of the evil Horde as she is from a far off planet, & agrees after seeing false images of She-Ra doing evil deeds.
My version of Hunt-Ara is more Asian in nature & is inpsired by a PV from the visual kei band "D'espairs Ray." She was also influenced by Supergirl's last appearance in the TV show "Smallville", & then tweeked with more Hunt-Ara like colors, & MOTU-style garb.
Here she is complete w/a bio based on the POP animated episode "Huntara", I hope you like her!!


  1. Hunt-Ara looks like she's seen her share of battles, what with the cut on the face and the torn remains of her costume. The bandages and the glowing dagger are nice touches.

    Also, I like your "Covert Operations!" avatar. Keep those coming!

  2. Thanks buddy, she was inspired by a PV from the Japanese visual rock band D'espairs Ray.