*BONUS* Brian's Cliff Jumper!!

I had the privilege of assisting my brother Brian with his submission for the new Shout Factory Transformers DVD set fan gallery!! Presenting Brian's Cliffjumper!!

Brian: Comp., Pencils, Inks, Scan, Colors, Line Work, Autobot Symbol
Chris: Digital Line Work, Autobot Symbol


  1. It was great getting to work with my brother Brian on this. He often gives me feedback on the work you see here, so this time it was my turn. ^_^

  2. Alright, Cliffjumper! All he needs now is a really big gun and Mirage to hate on!

    Fun fact: Cliffjumper was voiced by Casey Casum. (I hope I spelled that right...) In the 1986 animated The Transformers The Movie, guess which character did the countdown to launch the shuttle near the beginning?