The Dream Mistress: MOTU Redesign Challenge #86

This image was created for the Redesign Challenge #86 "The Dream Mistress" over on He-man.Org. An obscure Masters of the Universe character that was only featured in UK MOTU comic #67 "The Deadly Wishes."

The Dream Mistress is a magical woman that lures & seduces men with promises of fulfilling their inner most dreams, if only they can brave the dangers & traps of her fortress, located in the ancient ruins.
You can see more about her here...BUSTA TOONS BLOG
I came up with my own take on the character which proved to be a real challenge as she is nearly nude in her original interpretation, wearing a thong & armor w/nipples. What's the challenge there you say? Well to meet the boards standards on nudity without going overboard... lol. Many entries were placed & some had to be redone just for that reason. I made it through successfully. I also made it to the finals among a lot of amazing entries by the boards artists where I tied for 3rd. I made her bio a bit different than the original story where she actually ended up being Hordak in disguise, & made her a real entity instead. Her design is based on the original with some real life model inspiration for the pose, as well as her hair & face is based on Kahlan from the hit fantasy tv show now airing "Legend of The Seeker."


  1. Very nice! I can definitely see the suductiveness. Her face is very pretty, but I think a 'bad girl' smirk or suggestive smile would better match her character description.

    Maybe I'm just misunderstanding something, in which case, my bad... Don't let my confusion bother you! Keep up the great work.

  2. Hey 1337!! Thanks for stopping by my friend. ^_^ I've tried the bad girl smirk & I find it doesn't help me in contests as much as I'd like lol!! So I went with a bit more neutral expression to try & convey a tortured soul behind those eyes, but it's all good!! Thanks for stopping by & giving me some feedback man!! I appreciate it. ^_^

  3. Like I said, I love your art, and being able to offer feedback on top of being able to look at your work is a real treat!

    Don't get me wrong. I wasn't trying to belittle what you did with her face at all, I really like how it is. The softness and innocence is so... inviting. It ALSO fits her character description!

    Best of luck with the contests! You'll post the results to let us know how you do, right?

  4. ^ I take it all in stride my friend, & really appreciate your suggestions, so know that your feedback is always welcomed!! I tied for 3rd in the "Dream Mistress" Contest & tied for 1st in the "NA Teela" contest!!
    Thanks again!

  5. Nice job with the contests! Congratulations!