NEW ADVENTURES OF TEELA Cast ~recolors part 2

Today's post features more repaint ideas I had for my "New Adventures of Teela" cast, & as you can see there is more extensive retooling/reworking of the art here (w/CHARI-VARI) than in most of my original recolored projects...

CHARI-VARI ~ Skeleton version:

This version, like the original design, was also inspired by the Cirque Du Soleil:Kooza show to be a true "undercover" disguise while in the Dark Hemisphere's skeletal legions. Based on the Cirque Du Soleil Kooza Skeleton King's army & a Ninja-girl type.

CHARI-VARI ~ Neko version:
AKA "Cat version"... When thinking of ways that I could retool the suit without busting up the original line work, I came up with a skin-tight subtractive outfit rather than an additive outfit. When I finished the piece, she reminded me of Bruce Timm's version of CAT WOMAN, & I decided to role with the fun, making the fur color the same as the original's hair color & adding a tail & ear motif.

CHARI-VARI ~ Orko version:
Another retool... This time, designed to look more like the character of "ORKO" from MOTU that she is meant to replace in my NA continuity with a new scarf & more "Trollan flavor" to her color scheme.
*This turned out to be the most popular version in a poll on He-Man.Org.

CHARI-VARI ~ Devil version:
An alternate idea from the "Neko" version with a new tail end, horns, & pitchfork... LOL!!

NA MAN-AT-ARMS ~Skeletor version:
My original idea for a recolor, as this is the character that my creation was meant to mimic/replace, thus replicating the colors of the original MOTU nemesis Skeletor!! And based on a mix of the MOTUC/200X version's color scheme.

NA MAN-AT-ARMS ~Grim Reaper version:
An amalgam of a grim reaper & other influences for this original color scheme...

NA TEELA ~ Sahari version:
Based on the oldskool anime "GENESIS SURVIVER GAIARTH" OVA series lead female character "Sahari" for this retooled color scheme...

NA TEELA ~ '90 version:
This color scheme is based on the original 1990 "New Adventures of He-man" animation's version of Teela...

Hope you enjoyed my alternnate colors & maybe saw a new favorite!!


  1. These are awesome. The Man-At-Arms in Skeletor colours really works! Looks like Skeletor in a different costume, actually.

    I really like how every different 'colour' is more than just a simple recolouring, but a new costume with different element (like headgear and held items) and it really makes them all feel unique!

  2. WHOOPS double post!!
    Thanks 1337!!
    I really appreciate your thoughtful comments!!