PILOT SCARLETT avatar remake

Pilot Scarlett avatar version 2.0:

Here is an updated version of my G.I.*Joe Scarlett avatar. It reflects Hasbro's Modern Era wave 11 '08 version of the character. Which is a tribute to "Glenda", an international repaint that was done in Argentina by the Plastirama toy company. I really like this version of Scarlett as she is loaded with gear, has a nice new head sculpt with the more formal pinned-up hair-du, & has a great color scheme.
One of my favorites in the '08 line-up!!

TOP 10 Favorites in 2008 (in no particular order):

1. J-ROCK: My favorite bands have been invading the US with a banner year in music!! (I saw a LOAD of awesome J-Rock bands LIVE this year, including Japan Nite '08 (Scandal/The Emeralds/Petty Booka/Ketchup Mania/Detroit7/The Beaches) in NY, Noodles/The Pillows (3rd time!) in NY, TM Revolution in NY, Renter En Soi in NJ, Jam Project in MD, DaizyStripper/Marbell/The Underneath in MD, Versailles in NY, & Dir En Grey in NY... best year for J-ROCK in the US ever!!
2. G.I.*Joe (Modern Era): '08 continued to impress with there best line since the 80's!!
3. Masters Of The Universe Classics: the new collectors brand launched this year with new fully-posable amazing figures online.
4. Transformers Universe: Classics 2.0 brought us some of the best reinvisoned staple TF's yet!!
5. Cirque Du Soliel ~Kooza: one of the most amazing shows I have ever seen, go see Cirque, between the performance & live music, it is a really unique & special... & I was lucky enough to have seen this with my friend Katrin from Germany. ^_^
6. Grindhouse Films: Cult classics & drive-in fare continued in '08 (despite some major industry hits) with some of the best guilty pleasure DVD releases yet.
7. Star Wars the Clone Wars: has made Star Wars all new again with a great new animated series that is bringing new life to the franchise!!
8. Avatar The Last Airbender: Possibly the best animated series ever made ended triumphantly this year with it's 3rd book having what is the best finale I have ever seen!! It was nice to share this show with the fandom @ NYCC.
9. Classic Cartoons: More favorites from the 80's dropped on DVD this year like Galaxy Rangers, Saber Rider, & Jayce & the Wheeled Warriors!!
10. Batman~ The Dark Knight: might be the best super hero movie EVER.


  1. I love your I'M A PILOT NOW!! Scarlett drawing. She looks so cute!

    The new Classics/Universe 2.0 line is amazing, I just hope they put out some new figures before every Transformers line goes on hiatus for half a year due to the movie crap... like last time!

    2008 was the greatest GI Joe year since... well, '82! I loved it, and man did I spend A LOT, but it was so worth it.

    Oh, there's no doubt. The Dark Knight IS the greatest superhero film ever made. 2008's superhero movies were fantastic because they weren't 'superhero movies,' which are normally just crappy action flicks. 2008's superhero films were first and foremost great movies that just happened to have superheroes in them!

    Anyway, keep up the great work. Your art owns!

  2. Hey 1337W!!
    Awesome man!! Thanks for stopping by. We agree on many things my friend. I appreciate the time you take to post your thoughts. You rock!!

  3. I love your art and reading about what goes into the creative process is a treat. (Not to mention that you're a Joe fan and like other geeky stuff like me!) Posting a comment now and again is the least I could do.

  4. The '90s X-Men cartoon is the pinnacle of American animation. Best American cartoon series ever.

    Evolution had really big shoes to fill, and at first it was just a lame movie tie-in, but once it established itself, introduced some other characters (like Gambit) and had its own universe set up, it really did get better.