SCANDAL Japan Nite '08 ~Mami

After the incredible performances at the "Japan Nite Tour '08", in NYC at the Knitting Factory (3.16.08), ... much like last year's ... I was inspired to do some artwork based on one of the acts. This time it was for the 1st band up, the all new Japanese Girl Quartet Indies Act "SCANDAL!!" These fresh high-school grads opened the show right with their blend of high energy pop-rock tunes that got the crowd going immediately & all 4 of them were very talented & very cute!! I picked my fan-favorite Mami to base this art piece on, as she demonstrated some amazing guitar skills & handed me her guitar pick right after their set!! AWESOME!! ^_^

SCANDAL Japan Nite '08

It was nice to have my friends & family join me for this event, Brian, Mike, Jeff, Jamie, & David made a unique experience even more enjoyable...
Bands performing were:
Read my review of the whole night here:
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SCANDAL: band pic by Jeff Katin


MAMI guitarist of SCANDAL: pic by Chris Para


SCANDAL official English website:


  1. oh hi!

    I just have finished seeing the SCANDAL DVD (the one who shows a little of their japan nite tour) and on the end of the concert, Mami hands their pick to a guy with a red t-shirt, I see that and asked if that guy was you XD

    the curious just invade me!


  2. Hey Alejo!!
    I'm downloading that SCANDAL DVD right now (& will buy it as well this week). I'll tell you this, I WAS WEARING a RED SHIRT & Mami did hand me her pic, so if that's NYC footage on that DVD from Japan Nite '08, then you better believe it was me on the DVD!! Thanks for the heads up my friend, I can't wait to SEE IT!! SCANDAL ROCKS!! ^_^
    I'll update this as soon as I know, but I'm positive it will be!!

  3. *waiting for the update* hahaha

  4. ^ Still patiently waiting for the very slow/very big download to finish my friend...
    I'm guessing by this weekend we'll have a definitive answer... ^_-

  5. Hey!
    Finally the video downloaded tonight. And even though you can CLEARLY see me in the NYC footage in the audience snapping pics, & Mami diving in for some pick love, & I am in a red shirt, I think you are talking about footage later at one of the other venues when she hands a pic to a real heavy tall guy in a red shirt w/long hair that you clearly see the front of.
    So yes I am on the DVD. But I don't think it's the scene you are thinking of as I am on about 4 minutes in...
    In any event, thanks for pointing this out because I am in fact on the DVD!!

  6. Wooow!! so lucky XDD

    It's like you say, i talk about the last scenes. But at least you where there =)

    Thanks for the info nad congratulations again =)


  7. Anonymous12:30 PM

    they are a great band, my fave tracks are space ranger and doll.

  8. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Hey JafariStew, great pics from the concert and congrats on getting on the DVD!!

    I was just wondering if you by any chance knew anything about where I could locate some of their indie CDs they sold at the show? Maybe you bought some or you have some friends who bought some at the show who would be willing to sell them? Thank you!