Top Secret #2 ~STINKOR vs. TEELA

Smell what's in JafariStew's kitchen??? P-U!! just like the joke... it STINKS!!
ahh... I never get tired of lame stink jokes...LOL!!

Here's 2 MOTU favorites of mine, battling in the courtyards of the Royal Palace...
This was the 1st image requested for a "top secret project" on He-Man.Org. This request was for artwork of STINKOR vs. TEELA. The premise was for Stinkor to be winning in the image by restrainig Teela with a weapon @ the Royal Palace, instead I took some artistic liberty & made it more befitting of the character. Here we have STINKOR (1 of my group of friend's legendary mascots) using his "STINK" to floor TEELA instead, & thus made it more of a tribute to "The Stench Of Evil" oldskool mini-comic!! This picture was worked on in several steps over a period of weeks, by originally drawing the 2 characters, layering in the stink, & then some manipulation on the bkgd. I'm pleased with the result as I think it's a befitting tribute, & still different from the original that featured Stinkor & He-man. STINKOR is based on the 4H Staction, & TEELA the 4H Micro-bust.

This will most likely conclude my exclusive MOTU 200X art ;_; as my future MOTU art works will be based on the upcoming NEW adult collector's line "Masters Of The Universe Classics!!" ...starting in Fall 2008 ...sure to be a hit, & the new current favorite of Masters fans worldwide... ^_- stay tooned...


  1. Just had to pop in and say how awesome this new piece is Jafari! A definate homage to The Stench of Evil cover. Wanna hear something, I donated enough to He-Man.org to get an account on the forums and I can log in yet it says I don't have the user privilages to post anythin WTF!? Well I hope to get this resolved with the webmaster soon so I can start posting ther soon.

  2. Hey Rory thanks for the kind words!! That's great news about the Org, look forward to seeing you there, let me know when you are all set & shoot me a PM ok?