The Iconic Wise-Cracking Halfling Adventurer from the stories of D&D.
...& one of my absolute favorites!
I really appreicated her interpretation in the direct-to-video interactive DVD adventure "Scourge Of Worlds"... She was by far the best character, & had some really funny lines! ^_^ You should check out the special edition, it's a great DVD & one of the best D&D things done for media, & it will create a fun afternoon as you make the choices the adventurers take... My friends & I had a good time with this one & that is why Lidda was done for my ~Mini-A-Month series. After seeing "Scourge" I had made up my mind that I was going to do an image of Lidda, Regdar, & Mialee, & here is the first of the 3, presented in my card format before the final composition which will be featured on this blog in the future.
Oh Yeah, Did I mention Lidda ROCKS? ^_-

Labor Day is LIDDA Day?!?!

Original Miniature of "LIDDA" can be seen here:
If you missed out on LYRANDAR SKYFIRE CAPTAIN Please See Below!!:

***UPDATE*** My Lidda illustration is the #1 picture in GOOGLE's image search 2008!!

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