It's my B-day!! (Sept.5th) YAY!! And I like to celebrate by giving something to my fans that have given me so much! And that is in the form of art! So here is a new TEASER "Grindhouse-Style" poster for my upcoming MOTU: BERSERK story! Some of you are aware I have been working on my "Sexy-Jungle-Romp" starring Teela for sometime, & I am still working on it... ~_~
But in the meantime, I thought a movie poster in the style of the Prehistoric Hammer-films that inspired it would be a fun way to celebrate! So I present the teaser poster for MOTU: BERSERK!!

more info on this project here:



  1. Awesome! You should totally add in parenthases (or Teela Gone Wild!) LOL! Can't wait to see the finished product ;-)

  2. Hi Rory?
    That's SOOOOOO true! And too funny!!
    Thanks alot!
    Hey do you have a blog that I can checkout? I don't think I know of it? Pretty Please...

  3. Sadly I don't, though I've been a die-hard MOYU fan since childhood (havent we all OL) ,especially Teela being my faveorite charachter of course.

  4. I wanted to join the He-Man.org message board but they don't allow members with only web-based email which sucks! I do have a Deviant Art account by the name "theblock", I haven't posted any of my artwork on it yet (too busy with school) but plan to have some scanned work on there very soon including some of my own fanart so stay tuned!

  5. I'll be looking forward to seeing your work my friend. ^_- Just let me know when you are all set up & I'll be one of your first vistors, take care & good luck with school this semester.